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Understanding Alabama Goose Hunting Regulations

Alabama is one of the many states that offer a regular and early season goose hunting opportunities. Understand Alabama goose hunting regulations will allow hunters to have an exciting and trouble free shoot.

The following is a list of Alabama regulations which are strictly enforced in the state:

  • Alabama Goose Hunting RegulationsLicenses: Goose hunting regulations in Alabama stipulate that every hunter must have a valid hunting license for the season. Youth and special category licenses are available as well as standard hunting licenses.
  • Federal regulations: In addition to the state of Alabama goose hunting regulation there are also Federal regulations to consider. These include the manner in which any migratory bird can be killed, and strictly prohibits the use of traps, nets, or pistols among others.
  • Season: Alabama hunting regulations are in effect all year round, but hunters may only hunt for geese within the specified open seasons. The exact dates of season openings may vary, especially in the spring hunt, so continue to check the state Department of Conservation of Natural Resources for specific date information.
  • Times: A hunt can only occur between specific daylight hours as set forth in the Alabama regulations. Night hunting or hunting outside of the stated hours is considered illegal.
  • Water shooting: Geese can only be shot from a boat if the boat is stopped, the motor is not propelling the boat forward or the sails are completely unfurled.
  • Bag and Possession limits: These may vary from year to year but it is illegal to exceed the bag limits or the possession limits for any type of goose or waterfowl within the state.
  • Ammunition and guns: In Alabama all hunters, including youth hunting with adults are restricted in both the type of gun as well as the ammunition that is used.

Typically Alabama goose hunting regulations closely match all standard regulations in neighboring states. As will all hunting laws, the state works to conserve the numbers of geese in the state, as well as make sure that hunters are provided opportunities to enjoy the sport.

When hunting land in Alabama it is important to note that different parts of the state may be identified as protected areas, and hunting in these areas, as well as in state or federal parks or reserves is strictly prohibited. If you are concerned about where you will be hunting it is possible to contact the Department of Conservation of Natural Resources to clearly understand the location and any special restrictions or rules for hunting in that area.

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