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There’s Something About Alabama Turkey Hunting

In the great state of Alabama, turkey hunting season is a big deal. Whether it’s bow hunting, shotguns or muzzleloaders, there’s something about Alabama turkey hunting that draws in residents and visitors alike.

Turkey hunting in Alabama does come with its own set of rules. It is very wise for hunters to fully understand them and have everything in place before heading out into the fields or woods to track down a gobbler or two.

Alabama Turkey HuntingLet’s look at some information about Alabama turkey hunting and turkey hunting in general that can help make a trip here worthwhile.

Some of the best advice includes:

Get a license – Turkey hunting without one can be costly, very costly. The state offers two seasons, spring and fall. Licenses are available for both residents and out-of-state visitors, as well. Conservation areas where hunting is allowed are rather abundant in this state, so finding a place to hunt shouldn’t be a problem.

Follow the rules -Turkey hunting here does come with its own special rules. Like all states, Alabama has some pretty strict limits on what can and cannot be done during turkey hunting season. Decoys, for example, are not allowed in certain areas during certain seasons. The limit of gobblers is one a day with five total combined for fall and spring seasons. Alabama turkey hunting does offer some special dates for the youth and disabled. They are worth checking into if a hunter fits the bill.

Dress for success – Alabama presents its own terrain challenges. Be aware of what they are to make sure the best possible hunting trip. This means having the right clothes for comfort, camouflage, and safety. Dress for the weather, but do keep camouflage concerns in mind. Never wear or use red, white or blue in clothing, gear or other equipment.

Spotted a Turkey HidingPlay it safe – The rules for turkey hunting regarding safety tend to mirror all locations. Common sense, good judgment and a willingness to be a good sport are all paramount to ensuring safety in the field.

Consider guides or recon trips – Finding where turkey likes to go in advance of an actual hunt can be valuable information. Whether it’s a trip to Alabama for turkey hunting or one to Florida, Georgia, South Dakota or beyond, this advice can pay off.

Alabama turkey hunting provides for a lot of fun in terrain that is about as wild and beautiful as America offers. Follow the rules, play it safe and use proper tactics and sportsmanship and the trip will be a great one.

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