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Get the Best Stories with Alaska Bear Hunting

Alaska Bear Hunting will provide you with some of the best hunting stories you could ever hope to imagine. An adventure most can just dream about can become a reality for you with just a few clicks of the mouse and some time spent searching for opportunities and locations.

Alaska Bear HuntingHere’s something unique for an Alaskan opportunity, vessel based hunts conducted from a floating base mobile camp. The floating base camp is a 60′ Little Hoquiam charter yacht. New areas for bear hunting in Alaska can be found daily. Additionally, you can take part in world-class bottom fishing for the likes of Halibut and Ling Cod.

This unique way to hunt is located in Homer, Alaska and they depart from that harbor to cruise the Kenai Peninsula. The usual routine is to glass the shoreline for bear as most are taken from the shore. These bears are spotted and then stalked in a fair hunt. With 18 20 hours of daylight each day, Alaska bear hunting can’t get any better than this. Your fish catch will be vacuum packed for freshness. Hunters are responsible for the cape and meat from their harvest themselves.

One thing to remember if you do book a trip is that Alaska is famous for its inclement weather. So, arrive in Alaska a day or two before your hunt starts, and make sure to leave the room at the end of the hunt as well for weather delays. This is more prevalent in the Spring, but Fall hunt can have its moments as well.

Other things to note for your Alaska bear hunting trip are: you stand a better chance of having a good hunt if you are not in bad shape. All staking is done on foot, and a lot of rough ground is covered. You may also be out camping for several nights in spike camps. You should bring warm gear, but don’t necessarily need “arctic gear”. The most important item is a fur-lined hat with flaps to cover the ears. Some outfitters provide you with arctic gear, and that saves you packing it. Check with your chosen outfitter before you leave for your bear hunting adventure.

Keep in mind that some Alaska bear hunting methods are perfect for a hunter who prefers close-range weapons like the bow, muzzleloader, or handgun. There’s a slight element of danger that makes it all the more exciting.

If you hunt with a gun or bow, whatever you’d use on deer works fine on bears. A low behind the front leg shot drops a bear within 50 yards just about every time. Remember, any shot you do often get at close range under low light conditions. Sight your weapon accordingly.

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