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Exhilarating Bear Hunting in Southeast Alaska

If you are looking for the best adventure of your life, bear hunting in southeast Alaska can be exhilarating. Research the area before you leave home, even on the type of Alaska bear hunting that you are interested in doing. As there are several different types of bears to choose from, the alaska black bear or the alaskan brown bear, it all depends on which one appeals to you most.

Alaska Grizzly BearLearn the animals body language. This will certainly help you if you surprise one while out bear hunting in southeast Alaska, or encounter a Mama bear protecting her cubs. If you do encounter a bear, watch for signs that indicate you are too close. These signs include ears back and looking you directly in the eyes. It may also make woofing, barking, or moaning sounds to reinforce that they feel threatened. If this bear is not up to trophy standard for you, listen to the guide for how to retreat to a safe place.

Be prepared for any eventuality while hunting for bear in the southeast of Alaska. Do not try to outrun a bear as it can reach speeds of 30 to 35 miles per hour. If a bear snaps its teeth and appears extremely agitated, it will most likely charge you. Often, bear charges are bluff charges. This means the bear will either stop short or veer off and run right passed you. Be warned, however, that this may happen many times before the bear leaves or attacks from a different angle. If the bear knocks you down, he or she is trying to eliminate a threat and will use whatever force it feels necessary to remove it.

One thing that you will be told by your guide while bear hunting in Alaska, is that females with offspring and the offspring themselves are not to be killed. What you harvest in terms of meat must be thoroughly cooked to prevent a parasitic disease fatal to humans called trichinosis. Trichinosis is mainly caused by eating improperly cooked wild game meats, like bear and elk. Trichinosis is also more resistant to freezing, so this method may not kill all worms and diseases.

You may wish to spend time scoping prospective bears prior to shooting while hunting for an Alaskan bear. Check the fur for poor quality hide bare spots, mainly. This will also prevent you shooting a cub or a female with cubs. Eventually, you will find a bear to harvest that is a quality trophy for your den.

Your foray into the depths of bear hunting in southeast Alaska will prove fruitful if you use an accredited, experienced guide. Check into the reputation of all the potential guides. Most will be happy to provide references.

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