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Boar Hunting in Argentina

If you are reading this article, then you are probably a very serious boar hunter. It is part of human nature to hunt to maintain human existence as hunting was one of the best ways to receive one’s food supply. Nowadays, people still hunt for survival but it is much more common to hear about

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Bear Hunting in Canada

Canada has the densest population of bears throughout America because of that the most popular outdoor sport that happens there is bear hunting Canada has the densest population of bears throughout America. The most common species is the black bear, although Grizzlies are also widespread. These bears are so common throughout the continent, Canada and

Polar Bear Hunting

A Chilling Polar Bear Hunting Experience

Polar bear hunting is a chilly yet rewarding sport that appeals to many hunters. Proper outer gear and a knowledgeable guide can make the experience one you will treasure forever. Polar bears are white. The individual hairs are, in fact, transparent. When you see a yellow polar bear, this tells you that the bear is

Hunting Black Bear

The Basics of Hunting Bear

If you are thinking of hunting bear, you can find information in many places. The Internet, government websites and books are only a few of the places that are available for information. Books will tell you that hunting bear is a thrilling, exhilarating, and enjoyable experience. This is not far from the truth. The thrill

Grizzley Bear Hunting for Food

Stalk, Shoot and Trophy Grizzley Bear Hunting

Grizzley bear hunting (also spelt grizzly) is world famous in Alaska and is also known as brown bear hunting. Brownies as they are also dubbed are very plentiful in certain Alaskan game management units. Grizzley bear hunting in Management Unit 9 for instance will be more than just a good day’s harvest. Unit 9 has

A Bear Silhouette

Should I View Graphic Bear Hunting Pictures?

Many sites have graphic bear hunting pictures. These pictures are bloody and depict actual kills with the hunters that felled them. These pictures can also depict the size of the bear quite easily. Some of the online pictures show how large grizzlies really are, by using their pelt and the number of people standing side

A True Brown Bear Hunting Experience

Brown bear hunting is an experience to look forward to. Careful planning, learning about brown bears, and getting the proper gear will make your experience a true treasure. Brown bears live mainly in the western part of North America, and into Alaska. They prefer semi-open areas and the mountains. Knowing this, when you go hunting,

A Suburban Black Bear

Going Bear Hunting in Washington State

Bear hunting in Washington State is a unique experience involving a combination of driving, stalking, tree-stand or ground-blind hunting, usually in pre-scouted areas. If you’re planning on going hunting, Washington State offers many black bear guided hunting packages. Even though they’re called blacks, you will find they come in a variety of colors such as

Alaska Grizzly Bear

Exhilarating Bear Hunting in Southeast Alaska

If you are looking for the best adventure of your life, bear hunting in southeast Alaska can be exhilarating. Research the area before you leave home, even on the type of Alaska bear hunting that you are interested in doing. As there are several different types of bears to choose from, the alaska black bear

Bear Hunting In Alaska

Bear Hunting in Alaska a Great Northern Adventure

Bear hunting in Alaska can be exhilarating and the best adventure of your life. Before you leave home, make sure you do a lot of pre-hunt research on the type of Alaska bear hunting that you want to do. There are several species to choose from, and it all depends on what one appeals to