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Becoming a Coon Hunter

At a first glance, coon hunting may not seem like the most appealing type of hunting as it involves a lot of attention, agility, patience, and a great deal of luck on your side. But at a closer look, its remarkable assets may catch your eye. More and more people are starting to take that second, more attentive look at coon hunting, discovering its fascinating essence, benefits and overall attributes that make it stand above the rest.

For example, how many types of game can bring the hunter such great profits as raccoon? Very few I’m afraid, and on the rest of them results are often harder to obtain anyway. A regular hunter can draw a line after his coon hunting season and see a five-digit number over his profit column. Raccoon furs are very expensive, and sold on public auctions they can reach even higher prices, which only means good news for the little bandit’s hunters everywhere. While these creatures are considered a nuisance in many regions, we are encouraged to contribute to their culling, whilst getting some money out of it.

Another aspect that makes any raccoon hunter proud is that these animals are a great cooking resource. With their delicious meat, they offer a tasty alternative to other types of red meat, while offering many appetizing cooking opportunities. Restaurants all over the United States, especially near famed hunting spots, have assimilated coons as an important dinning supply. And the popularity of coon based cookery is as high as the popularity of the sport itself.

For dog lovers this is the type of game to follow as hounds are essential to a successful hunt. Their goal is to chase raccoons through all kinds of terrain, sometimes even in water, until the small creatures refuge themselves into a tree so that you can have an easy shot ahead. Moreover, because raccoons are active during the night, dogs are an invaluable ally you can always count on. Also, because of their keen sense of smell, they can detect raccoon presence when you don’t spot them yourself with your hunting lights.

It has been said that, to many hunters, hearing the sound of hounds barking and chasing a raccoon to a tree is so fulfilling that the rest of the hunting process is almost unnecessary. This may as well be true for anyone who tries it even once, but past experience show that no one tries raccoon hunting just once. In fact, it has proved so addictive that some hunters have left behind hunting customs of over twenty years or more, and start hunting for these animals instead.

With so many appealing benefits to it, coon hunting is surely the way to go if you plan on becoming a serious hunter or if you’re on a lookout for new thrill. Aside from the excitement it offers, raccoon hunting is a profitable practice as well, while being the basic ingredient of many great hunting recipes you can delight your friends with.

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