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The Best Alaska Hunting

The best Alaska Hunting is on the northeast covering the ANWR which houses a variety of flora and fauna, a significant number of which are considered the best game.

If the Caribbean is considered the world’s vacation capital, Alaska is the world’s hunting capital. No other place can offer the most diverse game hunting than Alaska hunting. Be it tournament hunting, trophy or skill hunting, Alaska hunting caters to every need.

No wonder too, since Alaska is the largest state in the United States in terms of land mass. It has 570,374 square miles, easily twice as large as Texas but while Texas has the second most populated area, Alaska is one of the fewest populations in respect to its size. It would easily overlap Texas plus any 3 other states, yet has also the most coastlines than the rest of United States.

Most excellent Alaska Hunting is on the northeast corner which covers the Artic national Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) which covers 19,049,236 acres. This refuge supports a greater variety of flora and fauna, a significant number of whom are considered the best game.

Elk Hunting

Moose is referred as Elk in Europe. The Elk is the largest member of the deer family Cervidae and distinguishingly marked by palmate antlers. Though there are elks in other parts of the world, the north American elk has a more pronounced antlers than the others, thus an excellent game trophy for prize hunters. With the largest of the Alaskan elk, antlers can span at 6 ft of width.

Elk Alaska hunting was not a new concept. Cave paintings and prehistoric rock arts often depict elks being hunted for its hide and meat. Even in Scandinavia, there is one site that depicts ways to hunt an elk by means of pits. Trapping elk by pits have been an extremely effective method that the 16th century Norwegian regime restricted its use.

Grizzly Bear Hunting (including Black Bears)

The Grizzly bear is perhaps the most feared game in Alaska hunting. Though quite untrue too, grizzlies do fight, attack and even kill in case when it is very hungry or is protecting cubs. Grizzlies are the largest class of the bear family, often reaching 290 – 1550 pounds.

Until recently, Grizzlies are a threatened species but now are more widespread in areas including the Yukon territories. With the intrusion of bears (black bears and the grizzlies alike) into the human habitat, the Alaska government has lifted the ban once again and now bears are main attractions for any Alaska hunting trips.

Because Alaska has the largest untamed land in the United States, the most varied game species can be found there. Fowls, birds, ducks, and foxes abound there. So if you’re interested in hunting, be sure to make it an Alaska Hunting. No other place can be as rewarding.

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