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Modern Material Bird Hunting Boots

The modern day bird hunting boots come in three primary materials:

  • Leather – which is the most traditional outer material. There are several types of leather materials which are used in manufacturing a bird hunting boot: boar hide, cowhide, kangaroo, and others as well. The most popular would be the cowhide because it is very strong and it is less expensive in comparison with other leathers.
  • Fabric – many of the modern boots are made with full fabric outers or combinations. These kinds of fabrics include manmade polymers and nylons and even natural fibers. Cotton is the most popular natural fabric but it is rarely used in high-quality hunting boots due to the fact that it absorbs water which leads to rot and mildew. By far the best fabric for bird hunting boots is nylon which comes at a good value for its costs and is very tough. Cordura is one of the most popular nylon fabrics which comes in a rich variety of thicknesses.
  • Rubber – very efficient in turning water but the rubber bootstrap and hold body moisture and most likely, the hunter’s feet will get wet from their own perspiration. Another disadvantage would be that the rubber is susceptible to tearing from sharp objects.

When deciding just the right amount of insulation for the boots, the following guidelines apply to the vast majority of the hunters. For cold conditions and periods of inactivity, hunters usually wear boots that have felt liners or 1000 grams of Thinsulate. For temperate climates, hunters use boots that have 400 grams of Thinsulate. For temperate to warm climates, boots with 200 grams of Thinsulate are recommended.

Waterproofness is achieved by using (in the construction of the boot) waterproof leather which incorporates a waterproof membrane bootie. The waterproof leather is treated with silicon which will cause the fibers to swell up and lock out the water. These kinds of boots allow foot moisture to pass from inside to outside but not as well as boots that have waterproof membrane booties.

As far as lacing is concerned, several types of hooks, rings, and eyelets are available for lacing boots. Here are three types:

  • Eyelets – least expensive, strongest lacing system but they require the longest amount of time for lacing/unlacing.
  • D-Rings – they offer speed in lacing/unlacing but they don’t hold tension on laces once they are tightened.
  • Hooks – they offer the fastest lacing system but are very insecure.

Before purchasing a new pair of bird hunting boots you must ask yourself the following questions: Will I wear them when walking or stand hunting? Will the ground in which I will be hunting be rocky, sandy or muddy? Which type of terrain am I planning to hunt on: flat or hilly? Which is the best lacing system?

So as you can see there are many aspects that a future buyer must take into consideration but with a little research, all these questions can get an answer.

We will now offer you a small list of upland hunting boots that are a huge hit on the market and have proven their efficiency since they were first launched on the market.

Cabela’s Brittany Upland Boot

Brittany Upland Boots deliver the superior performance required to withstand even the most demanding upland hunting outings, thanks to innovative crafting that blends the functional lines of a traditional upland boot with high-tech comfort. They are available in a 10″ version with 200-gram Thinsulate insulation as well as a new 7″ uninsulated model designed for those warm days early in the season. The full-grain leather and Cordura nylon uppers ensure lasting reliability while keeping weight to a minimum.

Browning Cordura Featherweight Boots

Built for optimum comfort and upland performance, these Cordura nylon, and waterproof nubuck leather moc-toe boots are ready to tackle the toughest scrublands and densest grasslands. The oiled sharkskin toe cap exhibits the incredible abrasion resistance needed to take the brunt of the punishment upland terrain can dish out. A GORE-TEX lining promotes superior breathability while forming an impervious seal to water.

Rocky Outback Hunting Boots

The designers at Rocky have taken their popular Outback hunting boots to a higher performance level with an all-new design and an improved outsole. All models have a full sock lining of 100% waterproof, breathable GORE-TEX to ensure your feet stay comfortable and dry. A removable, washable footbed soaks up shock with every step, while the lining is made of a moisture-wicking three-bar knit fabric. Each style has padded collars and gusseted tongues.

Cabela’s Kangaroo Upland Bird Boots

Comfortable, durable, lightweight, waterproof. Those words say it all about Cabela’s Kangaroo Upland™ Bird Boots. The uppers are supple, super-light kangaroo leather, so you can walk all day with less leg and foot fatigue. The urethane-coated, cowhide scuff tip protects the toe area from the scrapes and abrasions encountered while hunting. They are also fully lined with a GORE-TEX membrane for 100% waterproof yet breathable protection.

Danner Sharptail Hunting Boots

For hunting in milder climates, you want an uninsulated boot that’s comfortable enough to wear all day and durable enough to handle the varied terrain. That’s what Danner has achieved with their Sharptail Hunting Boots. Available in four designs – a 5″ Chukka, an 8″ Sharptail, a 10″ Covey, and a 17″ Covey Snake Boot. Each of these boots features a 100% waterproof GORE-TEX liner and full-grain leather and fabric uppers.

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