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Bird Hunting Tips for Hunting Efficiency

We will start our article with two bird hunting tips based on the wild turkey because wild turkey hunting is one of the most popular bird hunting games. When setting up on wild turkeys before the daylight, you shouldn’t get too close to a roost. The recommended distance is between 100 and 150 yards. If by any chance you have spotted a gobbler that is situated on a hillside you should try climbing that hill and start calling from a position above the tom or if that isn’t possible, at least from the same level.

We will continue with two duck hunting tips that might come in hand on your next duck hunting adventure. It is advisable to hunt in big waters by using a spread of 50 up to 150 decoys. Set the decoys in a cove, don’t forget to leave a landing area and extend one long leg of the spread out into the open water in order to attract cruising ducks. It is recommended that you hit the back roads because ducks disappear early in the season right after they have been chased off the marshes. Try scouting ponds, creeks and sloughs.

Next order of business, goose hunting is increasing in terms of popularity that is why we will offer you two useful tips for this particular type of hunting. Most of the experienced goose hunters affirm that the best load sizes are 1, BB, BBB and T steel. For most of the hunting situations, you will encounter, the BB and BBB are the most efficient shot sizes because both of them have plenty of pellets but they still have enough energy to take down a goose. The goose decoys must be placed in family groups of 5 up to 12 decoys and they need to be separated by 2-3 feet; separate the family groups by 2-3 yards.

Grouse hunting isn’t very popular among hunters but who knows, you might want to try this sort of activity the next time you are out in the wilderness, that is why we will offer you two random tips about this type of hunting. Locating grouse is a very easy thing to do because you just need to locate the foods these birds eat during the fall season. When the summer insects become scarce, the main diet of the grouse consists of plants. Choosing the most suitable shotgun and a gauge is as much personal as it is scientific but the choice of tubes is crucial. For the beginning of the grouse season, the shots are made from inside 20 yards so choose the firearm and accessories taking these aspects into consideration.

Pheasant hunting is perhaps the most popular bird game in North America and the popularity is still rising. The following tips might come in hand on your next pheasant hunting adventure. The first thing we recommend is to attempt to discover what the birds daily active routine is because you will find out which is the best moment for shooting in terms of efficiency. When pheasant hunting, using a dog is almost obligatory because a dog can prove to be an invaluable tool for the pheasant hunting fan. It doesn’t require an extensive program and the results will appear very soon.

Last but not least, quail hunting is increasingly popular in many parts of the United States and outside. The most common gauge for quail hunting is the 20 but more and more hunters are using the 28 gauge model. The more open chokes and shorter barrels are suitable for quail hunting. We recommend that a quail hunter mustn’t take a shot at a quail that is flying close to the ground because it will cause him to lower the muzzle of the shotgun below a horizontal plane with the terrain. These kinds of shots have ended the life of lots of efficient dogs since the beginning of this sport.

We hope that our small guide will help you not only choose your next hunting adventure but also improve your overall hunting efficiency. We feel that hunting is more than a simple sport or hobby, we consider it a way of life.

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