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Crucial Aspects of Bird Hunting Vests

When you start looking for bird hunting vests we advise you to take into consideration the following aspects:

  • Practical features – the vest needs to have large cartridge pockets, a license pocket, and a game pouch.
  • Comfort – the vest must have large armholes, a 2-way zip or a padded neck.
  • Strength – it depends on what the vest is made of: polyester/cotton, high-resistance polyamide are two of the most resistant fabrics to tear and abrasion.

If you plan on hunting wild turkey, for example, the design and comfort of the vest are the most important concerns for a hunter. A well-designed wild turkey vest will accommodate your ammunition and calls with enough room for comfort. The most important part of the vest is the comfort regardless of the hunting type.

A crucial aspect hunters must take into consideration before purchasing a bird vest is safety. Bird hunting safety vests are usually orange, made of a mesh-like material and some of the models have reflective strips attached to them which increase their visibility. Why orange? Because it has proven that this color is by far the most visible colors among wooded areas.

The modern bird hunting vests must serve four purposes:

  1. Protection – from wild rosebushes and other similar things.
  2. Safety – that is why most of the vests have orange lines.
  3. Canvas equivalent of a support vehicle – a combination shell holder, transporter of water bottles, game carrier, dog treats, leashes, cell phones and others.
  4. Camouflage – is imperative when purchasing a bird hunting vest due to the reason that most birds have excellent eyes as well as the capacity to observe different colors. A brownish/gray pattern is recommended during early spring when the new vegetation and the leaves have not yet sprouted. This pattern is also suitable for the fall season. As the spring season evolves, a green-based pattern should be used due to the reason that it blends more naturally with the rest of the environment.

We will now offer you some of the most popular vests in terms of sales available on the market.

Columbia Grouse X Comfort Vest

Take on the toughest upland conditions in comfort with Columbia’s Grouse X Comfort Vest. The special Spacer Mesh Columbia Comfort System yoke distributes weight, while the durable 60% cotton / 40% polyester blend handles harsh abuse. It has two bellows pockets with four quick-loader tubes in each for 12 or 20 gauge shells. The front-loading blood proof game bag zips out for easy cleaning, and it has two water-bottle pockets so you can carry extra for yourself and your dog. Imported.

Cabela’s Classic II Upland Vest

The Classic II is constructed of rugged, abrasion and water resistant cotton duck (Blaze Orange is acrylic) to shield you from the damage dished out by rough conditions. The ample-sized lined game bag loads large or small game birds easily through front and rear openings. Zippered pockets provide secure storage for your wallet, hunting licenses, spare training-collar batteries and other important items. Imported.

Pella Bird’n Lite Upland Strap Vest

The vest is full cut and adjustable, for wearing either over heavy layering or over normal clothing. Two double-compartment front cargo pockets have large flaps with hook-and-loop closure, shell loops, and lanyard. This multi-faceted game bag includes two water bottle pockets with shock cords, a built-in rucksack with two compartments and a cover flap with hook-and-loop closure. Imported.

Cabela’s Cool Mesh Upland Vest

The vest is built tough enough to stand up to brush, burrs and snags. Vests are designed of a poly/cotton blend (Blaze Orange is acrylic) with an inside mesh panel for superior ventilation and lightweight comfort. A roomy zip-open game pouch with a blood-proof lining can be loaded from the front or side. A mesh panel helps in keeping the birds fresh. Two front bellows pockets have a snap-closed flap and can be expanded to accommodate extra shell boxes or gear. Six covered elastic shell holders on each side. Imported.

CamelBak Upland Strap Vest

Not only does this vest have the storage convenience of a traditional bird vest, it boasts an integrated hydration system to keep you supplied with enough water for an all-day hunt. Hydration system has a 100-oz. capacity and features HydroGuard Anti-Microbial Technology to eliminate up to 99.99% of bacteria and fungus. The Omega Reservoir’s wide opening allows for easy cleaning and filling. PureFlow delivery tube keeps water taste-free, and the HydroLock ensures secure shut-off. The lightweight exterior fabric is tough for long-wearing durability.

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