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A Brittany Dog

Choosing The Popular Brittany Bird Hunting Dogs

One of the most popular breeds of dog for bird hunting is the Brittany. Brittany dogs are ideal because of their temperament, their training ability, and their adeptness at hunting birds with their owner. For these reasons, the Brittany breed of dog has become one of the most popular. They are used in both America

Bird Hunting TV Shows

Watching Bird Hunting TV Shows to Improve Ability

Most people need to learn how to hunt to get better. Although some hunters profess to have been a good hunter straight out of the womb, don’t believe them. It takes time, patience, practice, and knowledge to become a good hunter. That’s where bird hunting TV shows come in. Many hunters use these shows as

Ruger 1022 Hunting Rifle

High Priority Bird Hunting Supplies

One of the more popular games for hunters is bird hunting. From geese to ducks, turkey to quails, preparation is needed to make the hunt all the more enjoyable. Complete supplies should be top priority before any hunter goes out there for the kill. A supply of different material and gadgets needed to hunt the

Hunting Dog Breeds Lab

The Benefits of Bird Hunting Dogs

A lot of exercise goes into hunting. You often spend a lot of time walking around in the woods. This is especially the case when hunting birds. If you shoot a bird, especially in a marshy area, it may be difficult to locate the felled bird to retrieve it. That’s where bird hunting dogs come

Vizsla Hunting Dog

Finding a Bird Hunting Dog for Sale

Although most people get their dogs from breeders, that’s not the only way this kind of transaction can be done. There are certain situations where there is a bird hunting dog for sale from people who aren’t breeders. These are usually special situations and special care needs to be used to make sure that the

Pointer Bird Hunting Dog

Finding the Right Bird Hunting Dog

If you’re looking into buying a bird hunting dog, there are some things you should watch out for. Although there are many breeds of dog that are good for a bird hunt, that doesn’t mean that any dog of that breed would do a would be good at it. There are a lot of factors

Turkey Big Bird Hunting

Tips for Big Bird Hunting

Most people think that there is only one kind of ‘bird hunting’. Well, those people are wrong. There are many different types of bird hunting that hunters like to take part in. From upland bird hunting, to wetland bird hunting, there are many differences between the types. One of the often overlooked types of birds

A Pheasant and a Hunting Dog

Upland Bird Hunting in Texas State

Most upland bird hunting is done in northern states like Montana and South Dakota. Although those are popular places to hunt, they aren’t the only ones. Here is one of the most popular southern states that offers to have birds upland, Texas. Because this state is fairly dry and has many prairies, it is perfect