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Black Bear Hunting in New Jersey and Canada

Black bear hunting is a favorite game for hunters especially on areas that swell with their numbers like New Jersey and Canada.

Black Bear New JerseyLong considered a predator, black bears were shot sporadically as vermin, for food, and for trophies. In some areas black bears are being seen as either a vicious beast or an endless commodity. This was because their behavior has been little understood until recently.

Today, this specific species are fast becoming a favorite game for most hunters, especially on areas that swell with their numbers like New Jersey and Canada, especially when it comes to that the emerging breed of black bears are adapting to the life in the suburbs. A consequence of this is that households sometimes awaken to the sound of rummaging bears in their property (black bears are strongly attracted to the scent of decay). Worst cases these black bears invade homes and proceed to rummage around in search for food and attacks could happen if humans are in the way.

Because of their swift growth especially on areas that are populated by humans, the ban on black bear hunting had been lifted. Since black bears reproduce slowly, hunting should be carefully controlled. Several states allowing bear hunting have very tight rules and guidelines to follow. Carefully study hunting regulations and know the things you can and can’t do.

Baiting the Black Bear

The most common method for black bear hunting is baiting. Baiting is basic. It is placing bait on a location and waiting for the black bear to show. Though it sounds easy on paper, the actual process is rather difficult, often it is very frustrating. Black bears have relatively poor eyesight, but outstanding olfactory and auditory senses. When they get a whiff on a scent of your boot or sweat, no matter the stink of your bait may be enticing to him, he would usually run away.

While some would argue that baiting is the worst form of hunting, it is the safest and it allows you to check your game if it isn’t a sow. And it is far from easy too, because bears have outstanding sense of smell and the slightest hint of your smell will make the bear disappear.

Getting the Black Bear to Settle

Bait should be placed attentively. It should be along the bears movement path, proper anticipation should be made. Bears frequent those areas where he always likely to spot a meal. Some hunters prepare before the season by regularly putting baits in a location until a bear marks the spot.

While hunting for these spot, look for telltale signs of black bear activity, like claw marks and bear droppings. Also, disturbed vegetation always signifies presence, bear or not. Check beneath brushes and foliage for signs of feeding activity, as black bears tend to feed underneath brushes.

Last piece of advice: remember these animals are dangerous, especially when provoked. So don’t ignore your safety while black bear hunting just because you’re carrying a gun. These creatures are considerably strong and can take a few hits while closing in on you.

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