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Bow Hunting Sight Use Increases Accuracy

Many bow hunters enjoy the challenge of hunting au‘naturel, but accuracy is of utmost importance when bow hunting, and many people are using a bow hunting sight to enhance accuracy. Most bow hunting competitions now allow the use of a sight, and if you are in doubt about whether your competition allows sights, all you have to do is ask.
There are different types of sights available, and what you will need will depend greatly on the type of hunting you are about to do and your own personal preference. When making your decisions about bow hunting, what you are planning on doing with your bow will, by and large, determine what you should buy. Buying a high priced target sight is not necessary if all you are going to do is hunt, because it is not necessary.

Bow Hunting SightMost people actually shoot instinctively, much in the same way you throw a ball. You don’t aim, you just throw it. Once you get used to bow hunting, sights will not be necessary in most cases, but most people do normally use sights of some sort, because most people don’t have the time to devote to the extensive repetitive practice needed to perfect shooting without bow hunting sights.

Because of the arc of an arrow, and the need to aim upwards to increase the arc, thus making the arrow go farther, you actually need multiple aiming points for shooting different distances. They are usually color coded to make it easier, so you can just sight with the correct pin for the approximate distance you are going to shoot.

Though a pin type bow hunting sight has been used for years, the newest thing in bow hunting is to use fiber optic bow hunting sights. Fiber optics pulls in light to create a spot of light to aim for. The longer the fiber is, the brighter the point. There are also sights that are fitted inside a protective pin guard, which is normally square. Some come from the side, and some from the bottom of the guard, and it is generally believed that there is greater accuracy with bottom guard mounted pins. There is also a movable single pin bow hunting sight that you just adjust according to the distance you are going to shoot. Pendulum sights are also used for tree stand hunting. Some pendulum sights work very well, and some not so well, so it is a great idea to research before you shop, and consult an archery expert who is familiar with them, for some good advice.

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