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Bowhunting Magazine for the Expert and Novice

Bowhunting Magazine has long been recognized as a resource for bow hunting enthusiasts everywhere. Offering tips, advice, product reviews, forums, gear information and special offers to bow hunters, Bowhunting magazine is a wonderful resource for both novice and expert bow hunters. Bowhunting magazine is divided into seven basic sections:

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  1. Bow Hunting Tactics
  2. Hunting Grounds
  3. Bow Hunting Gear
  4. Field Tested
  5. Bow hunting radio
  6. Trophy photos
  7. Breaking news

Within the sections of Bowhunting magazine, enthusiasts can find stories about bow hunting, information about where to bow hunt, reviews on all the new equipment and bow hunting accessories and techniques, information and scheduling of bow hunting radio, breaking news (especially about laws, trends, and bow hunting regulation and information) as well as a section distinctly set aside for the ones that did not get away, and giving a shout out to the bow hunters who manage to bag the big ones.

Bowhunting magazine provides quality news and is a powerful voice for, and aid to bow hunters everywhere. For example, you will find articles such as the one by John Trout, Jr. about buck grunts. In his article, he gives an exciting narrative account of a hunting trip and his successful use of grunts to facilitate bagging a buck by luring it into bow range by grunting. Not only does he give the narrative to make the story interesting and help the reader to relate to the story by telling how it worked for him, he gives the tips and advice of a seasoned bow hunter to make it possible for other bow hunters to successfully use grunting to increase the likelihood of bagging a buck the next time they go hunting.

Of course Bowhunting magazine offers much more than just tips for successful hunting. It is a great venue for advertisers to get the information about new, successful, and/or tried and true merchandise to the public. Not only that, but it enables the hunter to research before making buys so that they can make the most of their hunting budget.

By providing instruction, safety tips, shopping tips, and debunking incorrect hunting lore, Bowhunting magazine is able to help the average hunter in ways bow hunting experts can’t due to time constraints. Readers can learn according to their own schedules, in the comfort of their own home, not only to become better hunters, but to become more responsible hunters, and save themselves time and money.

Of course Bowhunting magazine is no substitute for the real thing. It can not take the place of hands on instruction or field experience. It can help you to optimize the time you do have for hands on hunting, and allow you to enjoy learning about the sport you love whenever it is convenient for you.

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