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Choosing The Popular Brittany Bird Hunting Dogs

One of the most popular breeds of dog for bird hunting is the Brittany. Brittany dogs are ideal because of their temperament, their training ability, and their adeptness at hunting birds with their owner. For these reasons, the Brittany breed of dog has become one of the most popular. They are used in both America and Europe. They are generally a medium sized dog with a long fur coat and floppy hanging ears. They are generally spotted with a darker color like brown or orange, with white. The most popular upland bird hunting dogs available today is the Brittany.

A Brittany DogBrittany bird hunting dogs look very similar to the spaniel. Although that’s how they look, their hunting technique is much more that of a pointer or setter style of breed. They have a natural ability toward hunting. They are great at sniffing out game birds that are hiding in long undergrowth. They let their master know where a bird is, and then flush it out when permitted to. For these reasons, Brittany hunting dogs are a must for any upland bird hunter.

Another thing that makes a Brittany dog so special is how well they are trained. Brittany’s very much like to obey their master. They will do what they are told and take training very well. In a way, working for their master is their purpose. Brittany’s seem to want direction from their master very much. Brittany bird hunting dogs also have a very good temperament. They are very sweet and receptive. If you have small children at home, you won’t have to worry about how the dog will react to the kids. Brittany’s have a naturally sweet disposition. If they do something wrong, and you yell at them, they will definitely get the picture. This is another reason why they make such good hunting dogs. They take direction very well.

If you are thinking about getting a dog of this breed, definitely get it through a breeder. You need to make sure that the bloodline is pure. If it isn’t you won’t be able to expect the great traits of real Brittany dogs. Keep in mind that they may cost a bit more to own than other breeds. This is because of how useful they are for hunters. Their breed is perfect for bird hunting, and breeders and sellers of the Brittany breed raise the price because of this. If you do choose to go with a Brittany hunting dog, you won’t regret it. With their willingness to learn, great natural hunting ability, and their sweet disposition, they are surely the best hunting dog of choice.

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