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Colorado Pheasant Hunting in Prime Style

The state of Colorado brings to mind high mountains and big game hunting. Only a few dedicated bird hunters realize that Colorado is also famous for Colorado pheasant hunting, in addition to hunting for quail, chuckar, and partridge, which are provided in about 40 private hunting or shooting preserves. Some of the opportunities provided in addition to Colorado pheasant hunting, are sporting clays, dog field trials, and dog training to upland bird hunting. One hour from Denver offers successful Colorado pheasant hunting, with excellent cover and ring-necked pheasants that provide well-trained pointers and flushing dogs the opportunity to work the pheasant habitat and solitary fields. Centrally located, pheasant hunters from the surrounding states of Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico, and Utah utilize the finest of bird hunting.

Of the 49 species of ring-neck pheasants, all but one species are still found in Asia where they originated. The most popular bird for Colorado pheasant hunting is the Chinese Ring-neck pheasants, one of the four pheasants in North America. Its durability is due to the fact when it senses danger, it prefers to use its legs to run away as it cannot sustain flight for any length of time. Adapted readily to wild life, they are highly prized for their brilliant colors and their ability to fly excellently even though not for a long duration. Living in a habitat that consists of wetlands, grassland, brushy thickets, and the woodland, it is ideal for Colorado pheasant hunting.

According to most states that offer pheasant hunting, only a few male birds can be bagged daily. And it is almost impossible for a few hunters to work a large field of corn, soybean, or alfalfa fields. For that few numbers of pheasant hunters, it is a better strategy to work grass fields, field edges, or fencerows. But if hunting during the midday, pheasants will seek the ditch banks and even deeper into the marshesif the weather is bad, the pheasants will work deeper into dense cover. But regardless of the weather, all pheasants will begin to move to go to their favorite feeding areas in the late afternoons, as in the early mornings, which are the favorite hunting times. Nevertheless, some hunters who like the solitude of Colorado pheasant hunting can find the quiet and isolated field edges to hunt, along with fencerows and small weed patches. But if the area hunted is of standing cornfields, large waterways, cattail marshes, or other similar areasthen it may be extremely difficult for one hunter to cover the ground area.

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