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What Are Compound Bows?

There are different kinds of bows used for different purposes such as hunting, free range, target, competition archery, or leisure. One of these bows is the compound bow. A compound bow is categorized as a modernized bow. The materials used in this bow are non-conventional than those of the more traditional bows.

The compound bow uses a levering system consisting of pulleys and cables. The reason for this is to have better energy retention in the bow as it bends the limbs and draws the strings. This will enable the bow to retain more amounts of energy, which is then transferred to the arrow creating a more forceful shot when the limbs are bent and the string is drawn.

The riser or the central mount is nowadays made from aircraft grade aluminum alloy or magnesium alloys, and in some case, a combination of both. The riser is where the sights, stabilizers, quivers and limbs are connected. The limbs are made from composite materials allowing it to withstand the stress from the stored energy from drawing the bow, this is where all the energy goes to without leaving tension to the cable and the pulleys.

The compound bow’s strings are made from high-modulus polyethylene, which provides minimal stretchability and stress to the cables when it is drawn and heaps of energy is transferred to the arrow with ideal efficiency and stability. The arrows have also evolved from the usual wood, it is now made from carbon or aluminum alloys. This enables the arrow to have great strength and durability for it to withstand the pressure and the amount f energy transferred without breaking itself and in result creating a potential hazard to the archer.

The cam or the pulley is technically the exact component, which controls the speed and acceleration of the arrow. The good thing about the pulley system is that it provides an archer the option to set their walls or ideal draw length or point for them to be able to achieve a consistent draw point to make sure consistent accuracy.

The compound bow is rather unique from others and which is why a large number of archers prefer this instrument as it is cannot be affected by sudden temperature changes and humidity. It does not alter the bows capability to still be able to draw a consistent shot while retaining its accuracy no matter the humidity and temperature.

As with most other things, there are certain advantages as well as disadvantages to the compound bow. For instance, the compound bow has a lower holding weight thus making it susceptible to faults particularly when the archer has done a full draw, this makes the bow prone to left-right errors. On the other hand, the use of magnifying sights, dampers and stabilizers are permitted solely to the compound bows in a number of tournaments and competitions and not the same rule applies to any other classification.

There are many brands of left handed bows available on the market today. If you are into hunting then the best choice should be to find left handed compound bows for sale. Compound bows pack that extra kick for great hunting.

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