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Cursory Information About Turkey Shoot Guns

Turkeys are plentiful in the season of spring, giving a good chance for turkey hunters. As a result, turkey hunting is a well-known spring sport. All that you need to make the most of this sport is a shot gun made for the purpose.

Interested individuals have many options to go for when searching for turkey shoot guns. Up until a few years ago all you needed to have was a scattergun and some bullets to go turkey hunting. These days however you will have to do a considerable amount of hunting to find the right kind of gun for your needment.

The shotguns today have been specifically designed for the purpose of facilitating turkey hunting. Before you go turkey hunting you should know that turkeys are not dumb, rather they are one of the most challenging targets to kill. In order to hit the perfect strike at a gobbler you need to get it right between its head from a distance of at least fifty yards or more.

A shotgun that was normally used for turkey hunting was a ten gauge gun, as it was thought that a good shot needed a heavier load. Unfortunately, as the gun-weight increased, lifting it needed much effort, thereby reducing the fun involved in this spring time sport.

A comparatively better option is the 12 gauge shot gun having a 3 to 3 with half shells. The light weight of this gun is easier to take along and the outcome is also good enough. Some hunters use baby mag shells in their choice of the 12 gauge 21/2 inch shotguns.

The two basic kinds of shotguns available for the hunter to choose from are the semi-automatic shotguns and the pump models. The automatic gun would work for amateurish shooting, allowing an easy squeeze for successive shots, in comparison to the semi-automatic. On top of that amateurs are usually not capable of shooting the target in the first shot and hence successive shots become unavoidable.

The more experienced turkey hunters prefer to go for the old school pump action repeater. The only real distinction between the two kinds of weapons has to do with the ease with which you can strike the second shot. If you don’t think you stand in need of it then you might as well want to stick with the pump action.

As most of the hunting is performed in the squatting or sitting position, a relatively shorter barrel is effective at helping the hunter to move freely, and swinging the gun without getting obstructed. Therefore, the barrel size that is usually preferred is the shorter type.

The shorter barrel also comes in handy when taking unexpected shots if the turkey comes closer sooner than expected and you have to take an instant shot. Moreover, you will be comfortable carrying the smaller gun around the heavy brush and it will also be easier on your shoulder.

Moving turkey decoys are an important part of the hunters toolkit. To read more details about choosing turkey shotguns please click on the hyperlink.

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