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Deer Hunting on Higher Ground

Traditional deer hunting usually involves having to wait out the buck at ground level, well-hidden and making as little noise as possible. OF course there is a thing called elevated positions where hunters can sit atop a tree or on a hill. This provides a more vantage view of the whole area and a better chance of targeting that trophy buck. Today, tree stands have been a common tool for most deer hunters and provide a better edge when it comes to hunting.

Choosing a tree stand isn’t that hard, but all that counts is the safety and the necessary equipment that goes with it. At first, setting up the tree stand prior to the hunt would be vital, at the same time a challenge since the hunter must choose a good place to set up where deer population may be dense. Though some State laws prohibit nailing or setting a permanent tree stand near or in a tree, it would be best to buy the collapsible type. It’s worth the investment rather than getting a used one since most of the safety features are either missing or no longer in top condition. Better to spend on something safe rather than spending it on hospital bills, or a funeral.

As for using tree stands, a hunter never climbs on one with his equipment. Better to use a haul line to lift the equipment once he’s on top of the stand and nothing that exceeds the maximum weight capacity. Probably just binoculars, your rifle, ammunition and some water will do. Accept no substitutes. Really. When you think your safety harness for your tree stand falls short of a piece or a few inches, never replace it with something else. Instead it’s better to call your dealer for a new replacement.

In case the tree stand model has some sort of upgrade, it’s good to get it early before planning the next deer hunting trip. Sometimes even the current models need a little more safety parts and there’s never too much of a good thing.

The rules of hunting haven’t changed, just got more sophisticated as tree stands and the like have been part of a modern deer hunter’s gear. It might cost a pretty penny to have one in the garage, but the importance of safety aside from gun handling is an important step to know that your life is safe and protected, for a thrilling hunt.

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