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Choosing a Reliable Deer Hunting Magazine

Deer Hunting MagsThere are several publishers who offer a deer hunting magazine and even more that publish articles in traditional hunting and fishing, outdoors, and sports magazines. However, you may want to know a little more about a specific magazine before investing in a subscription that wont be of any assistance to you in your deer hunting activity.

Deer and Deer Hunting

This is a pure deer hunting magazine, with only a few features now and again breaking away from the topic at hand. This magazine has many expert contributors, and you’ll find all sorts of useful information in it. For example, hunters are frequently sending in tips for publication and stories regarding personal experiences that may be helpful to other hunters. There are often feature articles on the habits and expectations of various deer species, and you can also find reviews on newly available equipment. This magazine is one of the most complete magazines available by regular subscription to hunters across the country.

North American Whitetail

This magazine is more specialized. While some of the tips and techniques provided for hunting whitetails can be utilized in the hunting of other species of deer, they are geared toward the whitetail, which is the most common type of deer in the southern states. In fact, most subscribers to this particular magazine will be found in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama, where whitetail deer hunting is extremely common. Every once in awhile, a fishing article or a special on another species of deer will arise within this magazine, but it is strictly for whitetail.

Field and Stream

While this is not a specific magazine, this publication features many articles on hunting deer for various species, and it is packed full of information and advertisements for tools of the trade. You’ll find reviews on new equipment available for deer hunting, as well as a stray set of tips and techniques for deer hunting in almost every issue.

Buckmaster’s.com Online Magazine

For those who prefer to stay away from paper publications, this is an online deer hunting magazine that focuses solely on the hunting of deer and is packed solid with information on techniques, tools, locations, regulations, and forum-like contributions from readers across the country. In fact, this is one of the most complete sources for deer hunting information available. Aside from individual publications from state park and wildlife commissions, you will find no better deer hunting magazine than this for detailing the options available to hunters in regards to hunting laws and regulations.

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