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Pre-Rutting Buck

Deer Hunting: The Rut

A trophy whitetail deer’s most vulnerable time is when you, the hunter, are deer hunting the rut. This is the time a trophy buck is actively seeking to breed. Caution takes a back seat to their instinct for chasing does and breeding them. The Pre-Rut There are three periods of the rut. The first is

Deer Survival Is Often Misunderstood

Deer Survival Is Often Misunderstood

I just finished filling the outdoor wood stove up and it is cold enough out that when you breathe in the freezing air, your nostrils hairs stick together. As I stood there enjoying the warmth of the fire pondered the strategies deer use to survive in these bitter cold temperatures. How resilient whitetail deer must

Accurate Hunting Wind Trends

Accurate Hunting Wind Trends

Hunting wind trends can be a very accurate way to hunt deer. Using technology like GPS can record wind speed and wind direction. I prefer to use a more accurate form of recording the wind variables and that is a home wireless weather station. They are simple to setup and can be plugged directly into

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Whitetail Deer Hunting In The State Of Alabama

Becoming a top-notch deer hunter takes many years of hunting and some very important steps. The majority of top hunters have spent an entire life in the field to locate that trophy whitetail buck, quite a few even will camp for weeks in deep forest pursuing large elk, moose, in Alabama, deer. Having skilled expertise

How To Know The White Tailed Deer Signs?

White tailed deer leave several recognizable evidences of their existence. To search for deer, try to find some of the obvious white tailed deer signs. Some signs are dramatic, some other subtle. Deer tell us stories using the signs they leave. By understanding the signs, you obtain information of their activities which enable you to

The M14 Deer Hunting Rifle

The Best Weapons Used For Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is the activity or sport of pursuing deer making use of new or gun sale or other weapons permitted by the states during definite times of the deer season. It is the practice or hobby of chasing after deer considered to be living animals of the wildlife. The practice of deer hunting has

Stalking the Method of Deer Hunting

Methods Of Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is the pastime or sport of chasing deer that is now fast getting to be a leisure activity, utilizing new or used guns. Hunting is the process or hobby of going after living animals that are generally animals. The majority of individuals do this as a pastime, much like utilizing used guns for

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What You Need to Know about Taxidermy

Taxidermy, a Greek term that means arranging of the skin, describes the methods of reproducing life-like, three-dimensional representations of an animal intended for permanent display or for study. It can be done on almost all types of animals. In some cases, parts of the actual skin of an animal such as the fur, the feather,

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Learning How to Properly Field Dress your Deer

Since deer-hunting takes much of your time, it is very fulfilling on your part once you’ve successfully shot a deer. It is important then that you know how to properly field dress your deer so that you can keep them and use them according to your needs. Once you have shot your deer, try approaching

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Texas Deer Hunting Rules to Abide By

In Texas, deer hunting is a favored sport and a way of life for many, especially when concerned with whitetail deer. While mule deer are also available, whitetail are plentiful throughout the south and especially in Texas, and hunters merely need to be aware of various regulations that will affect their ability to take part