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Two Deer Chilling Out

Personal Deer Hunting Spot In The Wild

A deer stand is definitely a novelty when going deer hunting. Not only does it increase your viewing range, it will also eliminate your presence from any wary buck that comes across your location. Making a stand for deer hunting is easy, and most of the materials you need can be bought at any local … Read more

Bergara Long Range Hunter Rifle

Weapons Used In Deer Hunting

When going deer hunting, it’s best to be equipped with a weapon that suits your taste. Considering that the weapon is an extension of your arm, you have to make sure that the weapon you are carrying is the most comfortable for you. Choosing a weapon because someone told you to won’t necessarily lead you … Read more

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Guides to Deer Hunting

A lot of features make deer hunting one of the most rewarding hunting experiences compared to other game hunting. The deer’s elusiveness coupled with challenge for true wild hunting of deer makes this sport very popular in the U.S. A successful deer hunter should keep in mind that aside from commitment and preparation, bagging a … Read more

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Respect for the Sport of Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is a major pastime and hobby in many areas of the country but perhaps none so strongly adoring as the state of Texas. While many hunters are found throughout the south, the majority of deer hunting takes place in Texas, where several types of deer and other game and foul can be found … Read more

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Deer Park Hunting Basics

Deer are among one of the most popular big game animals to hunt. They need skill to track, stealth to sneak up on and you’ll need to act quickly to get a big whitetail deer for your trophy wall. If you want a new place to hunt deer, consider trying a deer park. They are … Read more

Successful Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting Factors to Keep in Mind

Are you willing to go deer hunting? Recently, deer hunting gains its reputation as one of the most admired outdoor activities. Lots of adventures and challenges can give you lots of interesting experiences when you go deer hunting. Several people may clarify that deer hunting can be the most difficult thing to do. It will … Read more

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Deer Hunting on Higher Ground

Traditional deer hunting usually involves having to wait out the buck at ground level, well-hidden and making as little noise as possible. OF course there is a thing called elevated positions where hunters can sit atop a tree or on a hill. This provides a more vantage view of the whole area and a better … Read more

Roe Deer Footprints

Deer Footprints Tell Stories

It’s more than just tracking the deer whenever the hunter finds a set of prints on the ground, and though the answer is pretty much an open debate for most experienced hunters, it could tell a thing or two about the targeted buck. For some, footprints bring about the awareness of the animal being nearby or … Read more

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Muzzleloaders, the other Gun

With modern rifles that keep coming out on a yearly basis, the concept of muzzleloaders has been a dormant subject of interest for most hunters, but given to the initial design of flintlock rifles in the past, they can be very unpredictable if not handled properly. Nowadays, the number of muzzleloader gun users has been … Read more

Led Predator Night Hunting Lights

Professional Hunters Night Hunting Lights

Some hunters prefer hunting during the night, and there’s nothing more thrilling than having the feel of being the hunter catching its prey on sight. Of course best advised not to watch the Blair Witch Project or they’ll see those stick figures hanging around. So instead of scaring the hunters after mentioning that movie, there … Read more