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Dogs, Pheasant Hunting and Personal Care

There is an old saying, you can choose your friends, but you cannot choose your family other than the family dog. That saying is not only used in the past but also today. And if that family dog is one of the family hunting dogs, pheasant hunting along with swimming in the river with the family are a good part of a good hunting dog’s personality. Mankind’s first dog was a hunting dog that helped feed the family, along with providing shelter and clothing to those who cared for them.

Dogs pheasant hunting breeds are those who were born to hunt. It is in their blood and in their heart, and if the hunting activity is not provided throughout their life in some form or another, they will hunt whatever they can in the most minuscule way or die unhappy. The sole purpose of dogs, pheasant hunting or deer hunting, or whatever else they hunt, is to help track where the game is and where the body of the downed bird or large game will land. If the animal takes off if wounded or a shot is missed, the hunting dogs will track them down for you to avoid unnecessary pain and misery for the hurt animal. Hunters who use dogs feel that the sport of hunting is more enjoyable and convenient because of them.

Due to the excess jumping, running, and environmental exposure to the cold or heat to the dogs, pheasant hunting and other forms of hunting need a similar form of exercise evenly spread throughout the year. Swimming, jogging, running, and related activities in the same form of exercise as the dog does keeps the same muscle conditioning and stamina active. Due to the fact the dog operates out in the wild and amongst other hunting dogs and hunters, it is an excellent idea to keep up with vaccines for giardia and parvovirus, along with booster shots, to keep the immune system up to par. High protein diets are vital as an energy source, to keep up with high energy exercises or hunting.

The AKC sporting group is considered the modern day hunting dogs, consisting of backgrounds for gun dogs and water dogs. Dog pheasant hunting are breeds that have both backgrounds, such as the Labrador Retriever, which are called versatile hunters. Hunting pheasants can also consist of pointing and setting breeds, with the pointers needed to “freeze and point” the location of the pheasants, while the spaniels move the birds by moving back and forth to flush them out for the hunter to shoot.

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