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AKC’s Group One Duck Hunting Dogs

Duck hunting dogs belong to a wide group referred to as AKC’s Group One, the group of Sporting Dogs, also referred to as the waterfowl hunting dogs. It is from this group the dogs have developed and gained their reputation. Today duck hunting is considered to be an outdoor sporting activity, and the duck hunting

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Choosing Names for Hunting Dogs

When choosing names for hunting dogs, remember that a registered name or nickname will stay with that dog for its life and become part of its personality. Most people, when registering with the dog’s registered company, will use part of the parent’s names with his registered name or incorporate the grandparent’s names that are on

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The Famous Walker Hunting Dogs

When you look at the Walker hunting dogs, you will remember them the rest of your life. I had one here as part of our rescue unit, and to this day I hear his beautiful baying and the company of his gentle and sweet personality. Of course, he treed cats on the propertydid not hurt

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The Many Types of Hunting Dogs

Hunting dogs are here to assist the hunter, and these dogs have slowly evolved into many different types of hunting dogs such as the general hunting dogs, bear hunting dogs, sporting or gun dogs, or scenthounds. The origin of today’s gun dog breeds began back in the 1400s to 1600s in Western Europe. The dogs used

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Training Hunting Dogs With Heart and Soul

Everywhere you look, someone has a dog-training book out about training hunting dogs, and their method is always the best one for everyone to usethey think. Many people buy a hunting dog already started, as they personally lack the knowledge to train properly, they do not have the time or energy, or it is too

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The Excitement of Hunting With Dogs

Hunting with dogs is a controversial sport in today’s world, and there are some specific types of dogs who hunt either better than others or better “at” certain game, making the art of hunting with dogs a popular sport with many. There are no specific groups in the AKC registry for hunting alone other than

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Hunting Dogs for Sale in Georgia

Georgia is known for its hunting, so searching for hunting dogs for sale in Georgia while hunting there is a good idea, and today one search led me to the AKC standard hunting Georgia poodle, with parents having OFOA, Genetic Tested, and bred for intelligence. Also, it was trainable for therapy, obedience, in addition to

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I Ask You: Are There Any Hunting Dogs for Sale?

Hunting dogs for sale is a topic not for just everyone in this world of todayin fact, it can be rather controversial and heated. But one thing for sure is the worst thing a family or individual can do is buy a hunting dog with a long bloodline and then try to make a household

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The Early Origin of the Hunting Dogs

The history of the hunting dogs began 20,000 years ago when the Mesolithic man used early dogs to hunt for food, along with animal pelts for shelter and clothing. At a later date, approximately 9,000 years ago when livestock became a domesticated animal for mankind, the dog changed roles and became known as a protector

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The Sport of Hog Hunting with Dogs

In Florida, the wild hogs are documented as having 45 different parasitic and infectious diseases, with eight of the parasitic and infectious diseases being able to infect man plus the four tic species that live with the wild hog also will feed on man. These are a few of the reasons certain areas consider hog