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Dove Hunting Tips: Bird Wild Tour Activities

Hunting is one of the most popular and interesting activities that many people perform during their wild tours.

Dove Hunting TipsThis activity is famous for a long time and it is considered as a nice leisure option. Normally, people hunt all types of birds, however, dove hunting is mostly preferred.

Here are some dove hunting tips that will really help you get expertise in this sport, at the same time you will enjoy it with great enthusiasm.

The dove hunting tips will help you

  • Observe dove flying patterns
  • Take advice from expert dove hunters
  • Identify common features of doves

One of the most important dove hunting tips is to observe in which pattern the doves fly. If you want to be a successful dove hunter, you will have to get expertise in observing their flying patterns. Majority of doves follow patterns and use landmarks for navigation. You should try to figure out their flying area to follow their flight line. According to expert hunters, doves always fly along ditches, fences, sloughs, rive and tree lines. Generally, the doves loaf in trees close to water area and follow the same flying pattern daily in an area.

Make your own position in the area where doves sit still, as it will help you hunt it easily. If your standing position is well planned, you will get much time to mount and shoot when the dove comes into your range. If you follow the dove hunting tips offered by expert hunters, you will never fail to shoot a dove. Many expert hunters suggest standing behind bush or trees instead of standing in front. If you stand in front of a dove, it will break up the figure of your body. It is advisable to stand in a dark area to stay unseen. You can use a stool to sit on it to keep your body under the bush line.

Use of dove decoys will also help you in hunting a dove. Normally, doves prefer perching in dead trees and the dove decoys will attract then towards it. The decoys work nicely near waterholes, but you will have to select a good hiding place, which is in range. Another important dove hunting tips is that, when the shooting is rapid, collect a few small stones and tie about a foot of orange contractors ribbon to them. If the dove you shoot falls into water and drowns, throw a ribbon stone in the area where it fell.

In California, dove hunting is popular everywhere, therefore take a cooler and plenty of water to keep doves cool in the heat. If you are hunting in hot areas, it is advisable to take sun block or a hat to protect your skin and eyes from the sun. If your dog is with you during hunting do not forget to carry extra water for him. However, hunting at nights when temperatures are cold is always better in hot areas than hunting in daytime. Many good dove hunting areas are homes to rattlers, so good quality leather boots and observe where you put your legs and hands. In this way, the dove hunting tips will definitely help you better enjoy.

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