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Duck Hunting 101

Of all the hunting activities, duck hunting is one of the most popular. Many find the marksmanship and skill needed for targeting waterfowl in flight an appropriate challenge. Duck hunting is considered to be one of the classier types of hunting because of the high set of ethics and standards that go hand in hand with the activity. A seasoned and dignified hunter never shoots at a bird that is not in flight. A duck hunter hunts strictly for the challenge and never for the thrill of a kill. A good hunter recognizes what is considered fair game at all time and acts accordingly.

Because of range issues and other elements, shotguns are used the most often in duck hunting. Those involved in the sport find they have a range of choices when it comes to shotguns. While some prefer pump actions, others favor self loaders. There are many who swear by steel shots. For the most part, each type has its own unique characteristics that basically come down to a matter of preference for a hunter. The effectiveness and the ability to easily handle a certain type of shotgun can vary from one individual to another. Just like cars, price ranges for shotguns can run the spectrum of easily affordable to high end models with heavier price tags.

When it comes to duck hunting, some would say one of the most necessary elements besides a shotgun is decoys. Others insist it is not the decoys that count but the knowledge of how to use them. Attracting ducks to a particular area can be tricky and therefore certain actions can help to make an area, such as a pond, seem like a safe environment to the discriminating eye of waterfowl. Attracting ducks also means knowing how to appropriately use a duck call. There is a great variety of duck calls on the market. Many come with manuals or recordings to help hunters learn how to properly use this instrument. Without good practice, using a duck will have just the opposite effect of attracting ducks.

Also necessary to duck hunting is that of a good hunting blind that will camouflage hunters as they wait for their quarry. Hunting blinds can be made of plywood and simple branches or they can be a store bought unit with camouflage pattern. As with the choice of shotgun and duck calls, this too is a matter of preference. While some blinds can be left year round in a certain location, others are collapsible and can be taken from one location to another. This also means they can be easily and compactly stored in a garage or other space until needed again.

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