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Locate Duck Hunting Land for Sale or Lease in Texas

Texas is one of the country’s best areas for duck hunting. They have a long duck hunting season, running from late October through the end of January and a large duck population. Texas also boasts a mild climate and fairly just licensing procedures, making it a great place to start a duck hunting club. One of the things you’ll have to do before beginning a duck hunting club is to locate duck hunting land for sale or lease in Texas.

Johnson Duck FlockFirst, you’ll need to find club members who are willing to commit to a monthly lease or sale amount. If you choose to buy the land, you’ll need one or more members willing to be the actual buyers, since it’s usually not feasible to have a large number of members paying for the property, unless you can buy the land outright without a mortgage. Most duck hunting land will be available for just one option, either sale or lease. Therefore, your club should determine up front whether leasing or purchasing is the best financial option. When leasing land, you’ll only divide the yearly lease amount by the number of members to determine the membership fee. If the amount is too much, just find more members to reduce the amount.

When you begin to search for duck hunting land for sale or lease in Texas, be open to any areas where duck may be found, even if the property isn’t being sold or put up for lease specifically for that purpose. In fact, you may find some of your best hunting on lands that haven’t been used for hunting for many years. The land owner may never have considered leasing or selling his land for hunting.

You can also often find Texas duck hunting land from hunt clubs that are closing. These clubs may have a long-term lease or buy obligations that they are unable to fulfill due to decreased membership. You can often take over the existing lease that they’re under, providing the landowner is willing to let them transfer the lease. Or, if they’re purchasing the land, you may be able to buy it from them at a reduced rate if they’re finding it difficult to make their payments.

Check with your local realtor for duck hunting land for sale or lease in Texas right now. Let him know your budget and the areas of the state you’re interested in. It may take some time to find what you’re looking for, but once you have a realtor who is keeping an eye out for you, you’ll find the perfect land eventually. Your Texas hunting ranches will make hunting fun and rewarding for your hunt club for many years to come.

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