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Oregon Elk Hunting

Oregon Elk Hunting the Happiest Place on Earth

For many hunters, Oregon elk hunting is the equivalent of Disneyland in Florida. The opportunity to hunt such a clever creature in one of the most serenely beautiful settings in America is a common wish of many outdoor sportsmen. Along with a number of other states, Oregon has discovered that there is a way to

New Mexico Elk Hunting

There’s Nothing Old About New Mexico Elk Hunting

With the beautiful backdrop of forest, rivers and majestic wildlife, it is no wonder that New Mexico elk hunting has become one of the most popular choices for hunters of large game. Known to be one of the prime natural habitats for elk, New Mexico has taken the lead of other nearby states and used this

Montana Elk Hunting

Out in the Open with Montana Elk Hunting

With its incredible beauty and high population of elk, Montana elk hunting is a popular choice for big game hunters. Wide open spaces and consistently applied conservation practices make this one of the best states for hunting elk. Hunters and outdoor enthusiasts come from miles around for their chance at bagging the five or six

Hunting Elk in North America

In The Pursuit of Hunting Elk

Hunting elk is known to be one of the biggest challenges in the world of hunting. Not until they have had a chance to come upon this majestic creature in person do many hunters realize just how massive elk can be. Even fewer realize the wapiti’s ability for being elusive until a puzzled hunter realizes

A Black Powder Cartridge Rifle

Use Black Powder Cartridge Rifles Like Your Ancestors

Elk hunting with black powder cartridge rifles is a popular option for those hunters who like to experience hunting the way their ancestors did more than one hundred years ago. While some consider this method too smoky and untidy to be of any use, it is also known to be a most precise and efficient

Learn Basic Elk Hunting Tips

Some Basic Elk Hunting Tips and Advice

For the true hunter, the pursuit of game is everything. Elk hunting tips can greatly increase the pleasure of that pursuit. Thanks to the elk’s innate ability for sensing danger, they are one of the most challenging objects of pursuit for a huntsman. Although their massive size would seem to make them easy targets, it

Elk Hunting Outfitters

Choosing the Best Fit in Elk Hunting Outfitters

For those big game hunters who dream of an outdoor adventure in the wilds of Wyoming, Montana or New Mexico, elk hunting outfitters are the way to go. Not only do these locally owned businesses know their way around an elk hunt, they also know every nuance of state hunting laws and licensing needs. This

Elk Hunting Guides

A Short Guide to Licensed Elk Hunting Guides

When it comes to planning the ultimate hunting trip, reputable elk hunting guides are a key element for success. A hunter tends to have visions of their trophy on the wall before the trip ever begins. However, without a knowledgeable guide service, finding elk and moving them after the kill can be a daunting task.

Elk Hunting Gear List

Roll Call for an Elk Hunting Gear List

The number one rule in putting together a successful hunting trip is to plan ahead. Many a hunter has been caught short during a hunting trip by the lack of foresight and planning. Because hunting elk is considered to be one of the most challenging, putting together an elk hunting gear list can be rather

Denver Colorado Elk

The Happy Colorado Elk Hunting Adventure

Known to have one of the largest elk populations around, Colorado elk hunting is an adventure that hunting and outdoor enthusiasts are sure to love. There are many hunting grounds, both public and private, for elk throughout the state that rest in some of the most beautiful landscapes known to man. The terrain can vary