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EOTech 557 Holographic Weapons Sight

The EOTech 557 holographic sight is one of the most searched for optical sights for rifles and other small arms today. The best place to buy this product is from a dealer that specializes in weapons accessories and moves large volumes so you can get the best price and the best support – more info on that at the bottom of this article. The Holographic Weapons Sight (HWS) was originally sold to the commercial market, and was adopted by the military a few years later. It has proven its worth on the battlefield, many of the new features in this sight were from suggestions from people who use it every day.

The design and operation of the holographic weapons sight is different from traditional optical sights. It is a miniaturized version of the heads-up display used fighter jets, and is used similarly. The operator of the rifle is able to keep both eyes open and does not have to have their eyes specifically lined up behind the sight, and the holographic laser target projection will stay on the target no matter where the operator’s head is. This allows for much better situational awareness and consequently effectiveness.

The adjustment buttons for the sight have been repositioned from the back to the side. This change, even though it seems minor, is just as useful as the battery compartment redesign. The previous sight users had to leave a gap between the buttons on the back and any additional rail mounted optics. With the new design the additional optics can be mounted right behind the holographic weapon sight. This allows for more customized mountings on the rail.

A unique feature of the EOTech 557 is that it is specifically optimized to work on the AR-15 and M4 carbine rifles. It can actually show four aiming points at the same time on the optics, which are specifically tuned to the ballistics of the .223 rifle round. If aiming at a target up close, the shooter would use the upper dot. If aiming at a target at about 600 yards, the lower dot would be used. This feature by itself increases the accuracy of shooting for any user of this sight.

The EOTech 550 models of the holographic weapon sights are compatible with night vision equipment. A special night vision setting drops the brightness of the reticule light, allowing the operator to use the sight with any generation of night vision equipment. There are 10 different levels of the night vision setting to optimize usability in different conditions. Since the military and law enforcement often operate in low light conditions, this is a very useful feature that enhances the usefulness of the equipment they already have.

The EOTech 557 holographic weapons sight is truly a wonderful and state-of-the-art product, proven in law enforcement and in the field. It has many new features based on the recommendations from users of earlier versions of the product, making it the most advanced version of this type of sight on the market.

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