Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Hunting Will Help You Learn the Basics of Hunting, and Let You Bag the Animals that You Thought Were Impossible.

How many times have you promised yourself that you’d learn more about your favorite pastime – hunting? How many times have you looked out your window and wondered if this year was the year that you would finally be able to bring home something to show your friends or your family? Have you and your family ever wanted to sample some of the animals that are provided in nature?

If you’re ready to head out into the wilderness this weekend, Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Hunting is the guide-book that you’ve been searching for. No matter what you want to learn, I am going to give you the ‘tools’ to get started and the answers that you haven’t found.

The truth is that many hunting books are written for those that already have the basics down pat – but for those that aren’t quite as well seasoned, you need more details.

But since I just couldn’t fit that information into my 80 page eBook, Everything Hunting, I’m going to let you in on a special offer.

Plan The Perfect Hunting Trip

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This 12-page report includes information on:

Choosing the game to hunt, Choosing the right weapons, Essential hunting supplies, Preparing for any hunt, Hunting well, Harvesting your hunt, Rewards of the hunt.

I had so many ideas about how to improve your hunting, I just couldn’t fit them in Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Hunting.

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But what are you really getting?

When you order Everything Hunting, you’re getting a resource that will help you move from one species to the next as you improve your hunting skills.

Hunting is a relaxing hobby that can produce real, delicious results when you’re successful. And even if you simply hunt for relaxation or sport, you can still learn more about your hobby to make the most of your time in the wilderness


Table Of Contents


  • Animals we love to hunt, Being prepared for your hunt, Finding the best action, Getting great results.

I/ Elk hunting

  • Common elk species, Appropriate elk hunting Weapons, Gear for elk hunting, Planning your elk hunt, Tracking &amp, Stalking, Bugling season, Transition season, Migrating season, What happens after you’ve got your elk?, Field dressing your elk, Quartering your quarry, Other concerns

II/ Deer hunting

  • Popular species of deer, Mule deer, White-tail deer, Appropriate deer hunting Weapons, Gear for your deer hunt, Plan your hunting trek in advance, Deer tracking &amp, Stalking tips, Field care and dressing, Gutting your deer, Do you quarter or bone your catch?, Other Points to Consider

III/ Bird hunting

  • Commonly hunted bird species, Duck, Pheasant, Goose, Turkey, Other popular birds, Appropriate Weapons for bird hunting, Essential gear for bird hunters, Planning a successful bird hunt, Field care and dressing, Field care for mounting

IV/ Bear hunting

  • Popular bear species, The ‘little’ black bear, Grizzlies and Brown Bears, The right Weapons for bear hunting, Gear for your bear hunt, Tracking &amp, Stalking, Spot-and-stalk, Still Hunting, Bear Calls, Tree Stand Hunting, Popular bear hunting areas, Bag a black bear, Get Yourself a Grizzly, Hunting down a brown, Field care and dressing, To preserve the hide, To harvest the meat

V/ Bow hunting

  • How to choose a bow, Bow care and maintenance, What to hunt with a bow, Essential bow hunting equipment, Arrows, Arrow Rests, Sights, Stabilizers, Other bow hunting accessories

VI/ Hunting Dogs

  • Do you need a hunting dog?, Common hunting dog breeds, Choosing a hunting dog breeder, Training for hunting dogs

VII/ Hunting land

  • Finding hunting land for sale, Choosing hunting land that suits you, Hunt land maintenance, General land maintenance, Encouraging quarry to roam your land, Hunting leases, How hunt leasing works, Where are hunt leases available

VIII/ Hunt packing lists

  • Make a hunt plan, Camping gear, Personal gear, Hunting gear, Survival pack essentials, First aid Essentials

IX/ Great Game Recipe

  • For Elk, Fruity Elk Stir Fry, For deer – Red wine and rosemary roast venison, For pheasant – Pan-fried Pheasant Breasts with Redcurrant Jelly, For goose – Pan-roasted Goose Breast with Leek and Cranberry Sauce, For duck – Simple Duck Breasts, For Small Birds – Little Citrus Roasts, For bear – Bear Stroganoff

What’s great about this book is that you’re not going to have to go to the local bookstore or wait for an internet order to arrive at your home. You will be able to start reading and making your plans in just minutes.