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Explaining The Turkey Hunting To Do

Hunters with a passion for the chase and a wish to stalk very tricky prey tend to gravitate toward turkeys. Contrary to popular belief, turkey hunting is anything but easy.

Turkey hunting needs a willingness to be patient very patient and a skill at staying very still. What makes these birds so difficult to bag is the fact they have incredible eyesight and very good hearing. This makes it nearly impossible to sneak up on them and even harder to get them and keep them in one’s sights.

With this in mind, many enthusiasts who enjoy turkey hunting choose to take a wait and stalk approach. This is accomplished by:

Finding out where the turkeys are. It is nearly impossible to go turkey hunting successfully without finding out where they enjoy being. Many turkey hunting enthusiasts do this by tracking the birds, looking for signs and trying to find where they roost, eat and drink. Sometimes it’s possible to ask other hunters for suggestions or to seek advice from the property owners. When this isn’t feasible, getting an edge on the hunting can be done by tracking turkeys. They leave behind visible signs that skilled hunters can find.
Staking out a spot. One of the best strategies for hunting turkey involves finding a good spot and arriving there before the turkeys do. Some hunters set up blinds. Others prefer to use tree stands or take natural cover. Stumps are frequently used for hunting.
Calling the birds in. Turkey hunting calls are quite commonly used. These take a little skill to perfect. They can range from calls designed to mimic hens or gobblers. It can be difficult to predict what kind of call will work best on any given day. Sometimes it’s best to start out with one and then move on to another if calling the birds in doesn’t seem to be working. It is wise to start off easy. Being too aggressive with the first calls can scare the birds away.
Camouflage and minimal movement. Being able to blend into the surroundings and move as little as possible can be very important ensuring a good day’s hunt. With this in mind, camouflage that matches the surroundings is vital. So, too, is a blind or stand that enables movement without too much noise.

Turkey hunting isn’t a sport that will likely result in success every time. This is perhaps why so many hunters enjoy it. The challenge level is absolutely high. It takes patience to pull off and a willingness to go after game that isn’t likely to be easy.

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