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Find the Change in Hunting Industry

A Change in Hunting Industry

There is plenty of hype in the hunting industry about the new Rage Broadheads, and there is good reason for it. This new technology has improved the effectiveness of bow hunting and will provide the hunter with a more assured kill and the ability to bring down any target faster than conventional broadheads. They do cost a little more than the conventional types of broadhead but the extra cash outlay is certainly worth it.

Reduced Deflection

A big advantage that the Rage Broadheads have over the conventional type is the reduction of deflection that occurs. The conventional broadheads are notorious for this and we have come to accept this as a fact of life. The design of the Rage Broadhead results in a straighter shot with almost no deflection at all. After you release the shot you can have confidence that you have delivered a straight and devastating kill shot. This is better for the animal and the hunter

Wider Diameter Cutting Path

As the Rage Broadheads deploy the rear-facing blades upon impacting the target, this causes a wider diameter wound channel. The SlipCam rear deployment mechanism make sures that the blades are always deployed upon impact, unlike the conventional type of blade deployment. You can go on the internet and see the slow motion footage of the impact of a Rage Broadhead into ballistics gel. It is certainly something to see and it will give you an idea of how effective this deployment mechanism can be. The wider wound channel means that the impact is more devastating to the target and translates into a faster kill. It will also mean better bleeding and a more pronounced blood trail. Targets that are easier to find mean that you will lose less equipment and you will retrieve your target virtually every time you hit one.

Kinetic Energy is not lost

The cut of Rage Broadhead occurs after the deployment of the rear-facing blades. This means that when the arrow enters the target there is much less loss of kinetic energy and therefore a better chance of a clean shot right through the target. The shot is much straighter as a result and if you miss the part of the animal that you were shooting for, you still have a good chance of bringing it down because of the more powerful pass-through.

Don’t Waste Your Time with Rubber Bands

Using the Rage Broadheads will make the conventional rubber band systems seem very outdated. Rage Broadheads do not use the rubber bands, instead they use a technology called the ShockLock mechanism. What this does is hold the rear-facing blades in place while the arrow is in flight, and then releases them as soon as you strike the target. The O-Ring system helps to hold the blades in place and also offers shock absorption when the arrow strikes bone or some other hard surface. It is easy to lock the blades in place and after you have done this you may wonder what you were ever doing with the old rubber band system. When you are hunting you want to spend your time hunting, not searching around the forest floor for the rubber bands to put on your broadheads. Try the new technology and it is likely that you will never fumble with a rubber band again.

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