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Florida Turkey Hunting

Turkey hunting is loaded with challenge and fun from beginning to end no matter what state a trip takes place in. When it comes to Florida turkey hunting, however, the rules of the game change a little.

Florida turkey hunting is allowed in two seasons spring and fall. It does need special permitting for in-state and out-of-state residents. The state offers a variety of wildlife management areas for turkey hunting enthusiasts. The rules of the road and the bag limits might vary from management area to management area, so it’s a very good idea to check it out before diving in.

While Florida turkey hunting regulations tend to be pretty close to what other states need, this state offers a hunting experience like no others. Those who are about to embark on Florida hunting trips or who are considering it need to know:

The terrain. Florida turkey hunting terrain tends to be a little different than anywhere else in the country. While some grassland woodsy areas do exist for Florida turkey hunting, the bulk of the terrain tends to be wetlands or swamp. This means hunters should be prepared to get a little wet once in a while. It’s also wise to have the right kind of gear to handle this. Boots that can get a little wet while offering protection are wise.
Other animals. Florida turkey hunting enthusiasts need to be aware of other potential wildlife run ins. Florida is home to a very large wild boar population. A big boar rushing through the woods or a swamp can scare a hunter right out of his or her position. Alligators, too, are at home in these areas. While they are not quite as common to run across as some other Florida natives, being aware of their presence is important.
Mosquitoes. They are out in full force whether it’s spring or fall hunting season. Since repellants can sometimes give location away, many Florida turkey hunting fans tend to rely on special camouflaged devices that send out a pulse that keeps mosquitoes at bay.
Camouflage coloring. While it can be very easy to pick out the right gear to wear in other areas, Florida turkey hunting can be a little different. Fall doesn’t always deliver a lot of browns. If the rains have held out, the terrain can still be spring green well into October and November. It’s a good idea to stake out a hunting spot first and then choose gear accordingly.

Florida turkey hunting can be a lot of fun. It does come with a rugged terrain that’s like nothing else. Hunters who know what to expect tend to have a leg up on the competition.

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