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Glocks Are Safe Guns And Here Is Why

Buying a gun for home protection may be a good idea and safe use of that gun is important. Can parts be found if needed? A glock handgun has a great reputation and parts are easy to get. It is a safe gun to own as there are not external safeties to be concerned with. It has 3 primary safety mechanisms that work together to assure it is safe.

One important part of the gun safety mechanisms is the trigger safety. A glock gun has a 2 part trigger assembly that must be pulled together to make the trigger go back. Both parts have to be pulled at the same time or else the trigger will not move and this creates a safer gun. If the gun is dropped or a stick or something gets inside the trigger guard, there is a high probability that the trigger will not go back because it is not the right pressure on both parts at the same time. This feature also makes a glock a great personal defense weapon as it is ready all the time with no external safeties to worry with.

This gun also has what is called a firing pin safety. In a secured position, the firing pin has spring tension on it. This means it will not move until a correct trigger pull is made. Now that means that if the firing pin is not moving, the gun will not fire. Dropping a gun can cause the firing pin to suddenly strike the bullet, but since this pin is spring loaded, it won’t easily do that. Many times when a gun gets dropped, it does fire, but glocks don’t because of this.

A different type of safety employed by the glock is a dropped gun safety. This just means that if the gun is dropped, there is a barrier between the firing pin and the primer of the round, so the pin cannot set off the round. Often when guns are dropped the firing pin with violently move forward and strike. A shield is raised between the shell and the pin on the glock until the exact moment the trigger is pulled.

Owning a handgun can be intimidating at first due to the power a gun inherently has. Keeping a safe handgun is a great way to protect yourself and property, and glocks are one of the safest guns a person can own. Learning all the safety features of any gun is number one in weapon ownership.

Rudolf Lineosight has been a gun owner for 40 years and writes articles about glocks and other handguns. Glock Lasers can be found at Glock Supplies.

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