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Duck Hunting Tips: Planning to Go Hunting?

shooting duckPlanning to go hunting? Several things should be considered for successful hunting trip. Don’t come empty handed here are some useful and handy duck hunting tips which will guide throughout hunting:

It may sound funny but the first thing you should do is to play the duck hunting simulated game on the internet. This will help you to understand the factors involved in catching, analyze the factors like direction of wind and its velocity, the kind of boat, which you can use, hiding spots etc. These games help you to improve your hunting skills. Also do refer to as many duck hunting tips as you can for getting acquainted with the basic and for useful guidelines of hunting.

  • Hunting can be done from either land or water. For the land hunting you need to shoot in the air first for getting the ducks out of the water.
  • You need guns of long range to shoot them from longer distances. Firstly you need to shoot nearby the duck and once they are off the water and when they fly in air then you should target them.
  • If your planning to hunt by land you should find out the dwelling place of the ducks. Generally you can find them easily near water ways. You can intercept them by heading in between their path.
  • If your are planning to hunt from the boat the first thing you should do is take a good look around in the surroundings and study the conditions. Find those spots from where the duck cannot see you easily.
  • Hide your boat in places where you can find taller reeds and where the ducks cannot spot you easily on your approach. You can also anchor your boat nearby, hide your self in the bushes, and then target the ducks.
  • Prefer hunting when less number of ducks are there this will help you to get closer to your target without the risk of being spotted by other ducks.
  • Avoid hunting in the area where the other is hunter is hunting or do not hunt from the same spot from where the other hunter is also hunting, this may create confusion and even slightest whisper may alert the animals of your presence.
  • Don’t press the trigger unless your fully sure of your target.  Many other wild animals or other hunters may get hurt if you miss your shot.
  • Make use of the orange color clothes while hunting for safety as it makes the other hunters vigilant of your presence and in some of the countries its illegal to hunt with out the hunting suit. For more information about the hunting clothes you can refer to various books or check on the internet for more duck hunting tips.
  • Make the use of special scents available for hunting due to which the ducks cannot easily recognize the human scent. Make the use of camouflage clothing and make sure that they are not detecting your scent. If your hunting from a boat, wear warm and water proof clothing as you may have sit for hours on the boat in shivering cold.
  • Do not forget to carry a folding knife. The knives play an important for skinning the ducks and getting meat out of them.

Make the most of duck hunting by following the above-mentioned duck hunting tips.

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