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New Ideas For Goose Hunting Gear

It seems like every year marketing specialists come up with a whole selection of new and improved goose hunting gear. While some of the new ideas are great, a lot of the traditional goose hunting gear is just as good if not better and quite a bit cheaper as well.

The basics in goose hunting gear include a good blind, a reliable and properly calibrated shotgun, good ammunition, lifelike decoys and warm, water resistant clothing for those long, damp morning waits. A goose call may also be included, but many hunters consider this an extra. Usually this is because unless you know how to use the call you are likely to scare off as many geese as you attract.

Once you have the basics, it is time to advance to the newer, innovative goose hunting gear. One of the newest applications is moving decoys. Traditional decoys are simple, plastic goose replicas that, by the end of a couple of days are no longer fooling the smarter flocks. Goose decoys are now mounted on weighted stands that have a spring and swivel attachment that give the appearance of the decoy bobbing and moving in the wind. This addition to your goose hunting gear will help to bring in even late season geese that are very decoy wary.

Another added bonus to goose hunting gear is a decoy that offers wing movement just like a goose stretching its wings, something that they commonly do while feeding. They are far more effective than the traditional use of flags to simulate a goose’s wing movement on the ground. Flags are all right when the flock is far away, but the movement can also be a deterrent to landing when they get closer.

Electronic goose callers are an ideal addition to your standard goose hunting gear and take the pressure off having to use a manual caller. If you are using an electronic goose caller be sure to check in the hunting regulations to make sure they are legal in the area you are hunting. Some states and hunting areas do ban the use of these devices.

Laydown blinds are also an idea to keep in mind. These low to the ground, minimal profile blinds are terrific for hunting on very flat terrain that is too difficult to dig a pit in. In addition to being very easy to put up and take down, they are also some of the lightest blinds to carry with you. Laydown blinds are a great idea as a “go to” blind in situations where other blinds are not practical.

Choosing a few additions to your goose hunting gear every year will allow you to have gear for every occasion and hunting venue. Remember that many hunting clubs offer swap meets or hunting equipment sales or online auctions that are idea for picking up new gear or unique items at a fraction of the cost of retail or hunting specialty shops. Be sure to buy from reputable websites and to understand if you are buying new or used goose hunting gear.

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