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Goose Hunting Guides Aren’t All The Same

Many expert hunters with years of experience choose to become goose hunting guides and can show other hunters the correct locations, strategies and methods to be successful at hunting. There are various types of guides from day guides to full-service resorts that offer everything from ammunition to lodging. Choosing the right guides doesn’t have to be difficult, but getting the right match for your hunting style and needs is important.

Goose Hunting GuidesWhen choosing goose hunting guides, you need to understand clearly what you are wanting. If you want to spend a week or a few days hunting, you may wish to consider a full-service guide and lodge combination. Usually, the lodge will have their own guides, but you will be able to choose from the various guides. If you have a specific hunting style that you like, ask for a guide that uses that style. In addition, speak to the guide before heading out, clearly outlining any special requests or needs that you have.

Goose hunting guides will scout the area prior to the day and time of the hunt. They should know the basic flights patterns and feeding times and locations of the geese, and will be prepared to have you in the right place at the right time to get set up and the blinds set prior to the geese arriving. Most guides will start their morning at 4:00 am or early to make sure that you are in the right place before first daylight.

Typically goose hunting guides will be very aware of the weather conditions and will advise hunters of the various types of equipment, camouflage, and supplies that they will need. Those guides that have access to large lease areas will also be able to change hunting locations based on the current weather. Occasionally goose hunting guides will also be able to make recommendations for other hunting options such as duck, deer, wild hogs or even turkey, depending on the overlap of the hunting seasons.g

Guides are not regulated in most areas, so be sure to ask for references or even better, get a referral from a hunter that has already been on one of the hunts. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most efficient ways for most guides to advertise, and they work hard to keep hunters satisfied and coming back. Be sure to find out about refunds due to cancellation and the policies regarding a hunt that doesn’t go as planned. Some guides offer a reduction in the next hunt booked while others will provide a partial refund for services. Lodge or other expenses are typically not reimbursed under these conditions.

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