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Guides to Deer Hunting

A lot of features make deer hunting one of the most rewarding hunting experiences compared to other game hunting. The deer’s elusiveness coupled with challenge for true wild hunting of deer makes this sport very popular in the U.S.

A successful deer hunter should keep in mind that aside from commitment and preparation, bagging a trophy buck is a never-ending endeavor that may take a lifetime. However, using a few tricks, strategies, common sense, and some great guides to deer hunting can significantly shorten the amount of time invested in harvesting a trophy.

Deer are generally thought of being crepuscular animals which mean that they become active during dawn and dusk and typically sleep during the middle of the day and the middle or late at night. This may possibly be a defense mechanism to enable digestion and rest during the day when their predators are not as active.

Knowing some guides to deer hunting will make your hunting trip successful. There are several important things and guides to deer hunting that you should remember and prepare for. It includes location, camouflage, and scents.

Location is where you will set up for the hunt. Finding the place to set up for the next hunting days is one of the guides to deer hunting, always remember that deer have three purposes in life. First, deer must eat to survive, so if you could find any area where the ground is covered with clover or rye or any green, then it’s a good idea to take interest on that place and scout the surrounding areas to establish trail routes, scrapes and tracks to reinforce movement frequency. Second, deer must sleep, and they love to sleep in areas where the brush is very dense and very thick. This areas maybe accompanied by planted pines and swamps where movement by predators will go detected. The third is a cycle in a deer’s life, and that is it powerful will to mate, and it is during this time that the deer’s senses are dulled giving the hunter a slight edge.

Camouflage is one of the most important guides to deer hunting. One of the important functions of camo is to break up the human silhouette. It becomes fairly easy to blend into a very bushy environment, although not all camo offers the ability to hide human silhouette in fairly open area. You don’t always end up where you want to be when hunting so wearing a camo pattern with less solid blends will lessen human appearance therefore increasing your chances of not being seen and recognized thus improving the possibility of bagging you buck.

Scents are the most easily detected presence of man by a deer. A deer’s sense of smell is the best defense they have against man. They can detect the presence of man quite easily with man’s distinct body odor, so man should naturally cover up or remove this scent to successfully hunt. Scent removers have been very helpful for hunters as it can cover up the body’s odor, although sometimes it may fall short when perspiration occurs. However, it can definitely improve your chances of bagging you buck.

These are just some of the guides to deer hunting, again commitment, strategies and tricks can make it all successful and it all depends on you.

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