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The Handy Dandy Hunting Knife

When it comes to hunting, there is no greater tool than the trusty hunting knife. It comes in various shapes and sizes and performs a number of handy services when out in the field. Contrary to the image of characters found in some movies, it is not necessary to carry the largest, most intimidating blade available. A good hunting knife is sturdy, efficient and is the ideal weight and size for the type of game hunted. Those who select a large blade are likely to find it cumbersome and unrealistic for their actual needs. While there are many shapes, models and brands to choose from, there are certain aspects to consider when choosing the perfect knife.

The average hunting knife will be made of either carbon or stainless steel. Carbon blades are known for being sharp and also easy to sharpen. Stainless steel blades are also sharp but keeping them that way can be slightly harder. However, between these two types of blades, carbon is more likely to rust and will need greater care. Most knives are made of stainless steel and are therefore commonly found in use among hunters. While a carbon blade will be easier to keep sharp out in the field, there are times when a knife is exposed to moisture during the hunt. Since it can be some time before the hunter is able to get where he or she can give the blade a proper cleaning, many opt for the stainless steel blade.

A hunting knife can come with a fixed blade or with a foldable blade, such as that of a pocket knife. While a fixed blade will be sturdier and more appropriate for the task of heavy cutting, a foldable blade is compact and likely has other useful tools, such as a saw blade. A fixed blade will need a sheath and must be carried on a belt or in a hunter’s pack. A pocket knife can be conveniently carried at all times, whether one is out in the field or out in the supermarket. For the most part, pocket knives are used to handle the small tasks that pop up during the hunt, while the fixed blade is used for cleaning and skinning game.

The shape of the blades is also something to consider when picking out a hunting knife. The two most common shapes are the clip point and the drop point. For the heavy tasks, most hunters choose a knife with a drop point. A knife with a clip point is similar to the drop point, however, the blade is much thinner and has more of a tapered point. In the strictest sense, knives that have a clip point aren’t always the best option to use as a game knife. A clip point is the perfect weight and size to handle menial tasks about the camp, such as simple rope cutting tasks.

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