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Hunting Clothes for All Seasons

When one thinks of a hunter, it is often the vision of the camouflage clad fellow that comes to mind. While they are not often given much thought, camouflage hunting clothes actually play a crucial role in a successful hunt. Patterns are made to simulate the various surroundings that a hunter hunts in, from dense underbrush to wetland grass. The idea of camouflage is one that basically stems from the concept of hiding in plain sight. Camouflage efficiently breaks up the outline of the hunter in the wild. This solves only part of the problem for animals that can still sense their predators by movement. Therefore, learning when and how to move while wearing camouflage is a valuable skill for a hunter to have.

Were it not for the sharp eyes of a turkey, one could probably go without patterned hunting clothes and instead hunt in the clothes they wear everyday. As many hunters will agree, the joy of hunting is in the hunt itself and that means blending in with the surroundings. Even the animals themselves are naturally camouflaged to blend in with their environment. Wearing camouflage in a pattern that mimics the surrounding area is one way to seemingly diminish a hunter’s presence in the quarry’s environment. In the long run, good hunting clothes are an element that can make a hunt satisfyingly intense.

Companies spend an extensive amount of time and energy creating realistic outdoor patterns for hunting clothes. Whether one hunts ducks or deer, there is a pattern available in a number of different clothing options. Not only are shirts and pants of all cuts and styles available, one can find hats, gloves, coats, shoes, coveralls and hunting accessories with matching camouflage patterns also. Hunting clothes are available for men, woman and children of all sizes. Some camouflage patterns are even carried over to fun items such as bedding, furniture and curtains. These are often must have items for the die hard hunter.

When caring for hunting clothes, there are certain things that can be done to prolong their use in the field. It is recommended that clothing be washed in scentless soap with no UV brighteners. UV wavelengths caused by dyes in certain fabrics can make a camouflage pattern more visible to game. Some detergents made specifically for the care of hunting clothes make sure that these UV wavelengths will be absorbed rather that bounce off in a manner visible to certain types of game. These special detergents are also formulated to prevent fading. It is also recommended that hunting clothes be stored in airtight bags to keep them free from man-made odors.

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