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A Hunting Dog for All Seasons

For small or large game hunters, a hunting dog is a multifaceted asset to a hunt. Not only can the animal be an essential tool all at the hunter’s command, a good hunting dog is also a faithful companion. The personality of a dog tends to be one that is eager to please with an earnest passion for doing their job right, whether it’s retrieving ducks or flushing quail. The working relationship between the two takes much in the way of time, patience and training. There are many techniques and methods for training dogs but a seasoned hunter knows that understanding the way a dog thinks is key to training success.

When a hunter decides that he or she has the time necessary to contribute toward the training of a hunting dog, the decision must be made as to what type of dog will be the right option. This is mainly decided upon what type of hunting is involved. Those who hunt ducks and geese are likely to need a water dog such as a Labrador retriever. Pointing breeds are the perfect choice for quail hunters. When hunting coyotes or raccoons, a hunter should opt for scent hounds. Terriers are known for being great at flushing animals that live in burrows while curs are the best choice for larger animals such as boars.

Those who have not had much experience when it comes to training a hunting dog would do well to first seek out the guidance of a professional. A trainer who specializes in hunting dogs can make for a much smoother training experience. The relationship between a dog and a hunter has strict boundaries. Many times, a dog is not just a hunting companion but a family pet, meaning expectations and lines of communication can get crossed leading to frustration for both the hunter and the dog. Trained and seasoned professionals can help a hunter and the dog swiftly move past these issues with ease.

When out in the field, there is nothing better than watching a well trained hunting dog working with its master. The sheer excitement and joy of being out in the field is evident in the wagging of tails and bright shining eyes. With a few verbal commands, hand gestures or short whistlebursts a dutiful dog will head out to do his or her job with apt attention. The well trained hunting dog expertly flushes game and retrieves fallen ducks in places a hunter could not get to alone. At the end of the day, there will be the unspeakable bond only hunters and a four legged hunting buddy can share.

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