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Hunting Hearing Enhancement

Hunting Hearing Enhancement technology allows hunters to have a better edge over the prey allowing hunters to ‘hear’ their quarry right beforehand.

Animals have definite advantage to hearing, to keep them competitive in the food chain. And most of the time you experience it, especially if you are a veteran of hunting. Even the most adept of hunters had their share of quarry escapes due to accidental sound factors.

Animal hearing can be very acute indeed. An elephant’s hearing range can be between 1 and 20,000 Hertz. The very low sound ranges, being in the infra-sound range, are no longer audible to humans.

Technology allowed hunters to have a better edge over the prey. An enhancement product will allow hunters to hear their quarry right before they stumble on their spot unannounced thus giving them a better chance of catching their prey.

Cabelas In Ear Sound Booster

If you’re looking for cheaper hunting hearing equipment, Radians Hunter’s Electronic Ear Muffs at Cabelas is only $99.99. It also enhances outdoor sounds up to 42 decibels and compresses sudden loud noises like rifle blasts. Each ear cup has an independent volume control, the receiver and amplifier which give you a pinpoint precision to a quarry.

SportEAR Clear-Shot™ and the Rapid-Fire™ products deliver two separate features in each unit. It has color coded design to let you know how to properly wear the item for complete control. Clear-Shot™ allows enhanced hunting hearing with its 36 decibels and 2 channel/10 band digital system.

The device is also programmable to fine tune every hunting needs. The item costs $899.99. Rapid-Fire™ is a stronger cousin, with 46 decibels of amplification and a 4 channel/ 121 band multi-digital system. Rapid-Fire™ costs 1599.99. All have noise control.

Walker’s Game Ear Series is one the original hunting hearing device for hunters. It amplifies sound by 47 decibels with a maximum output of 110 decibels. It is a one piece unit that doesn’t literally cover the ear lobes, leaving your ears still naturally attached to the environment. Because the best thing about hunting is being able to perceive and hear the surroundings ‘naturally’. The Walker’s Game Ear Series costs $129.99.

If you’re interested with the Radians Hunter’s Electronic Ear Muffs or SportEAR Clear-Shot™ and Rapid-Fire™ sound boosting products or even the Walker’s Game Ear Series log on to www.cabelas.com

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