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Hunting Rifles

Hunting rifles are one of the most essential tools in hunting. Most small game and big game hunters, rely on their hunting rifles. Aside from shotguns, hunting rifles are one of the most preferred and most popular types of firearms used by either hunters or shooters. Hunting rifles can propel a projectile (bullet) over great distances at great speed with precise accuracy.

A hunting rifle is a type of firearm that has a stock (similar with shotguns) and a long barrel that has spiral grooves on its interior. Hunting rifles and shotguns have lots of differences, with regards to its design and functions. One distinct feature of hunting rifles is its bullets. Hunting rifles use an elongated projectile while a shotgun usually uses small and round projectiles. Some shotguns use rubber buck shots for waterfowls.

Hunting rifles cover a small target area unlike the shotgun wherein the projectiles are scattered, thus, covering a wider area. However, while the rifle is deficient in the target area, it makes up for range, hitting power and most of all accuracy.
Some hunting rifles have a range of more that five hundred yards while the shotgun only has an effective accuracy range of forty-five yards. While the shotgun may deliver more damage to the game because of its many projectiles, rifles have more punch than shotguns. This is because elongated projectiles move at higher velocity than shotgun pellets.

However, like shotguns, hunting rifles are used for different kinds of hunting.  Hunting rifles are used for hunting large games such as elks, moose, bears, deer and even elephants. However, various types of hunting rifles are also used for hunting small games like rabbits and squirrels. With the greater range capabilities of a rifle, it eliminates the need for hunters to get near or close to their games for an effective shot. And also, its greater hitting strength provides cleaner kills on the game.

Hunters are advised to sight their hunting rifles before the hunting season begins. It is important that hunters should always make sure that their rifles are in good condition and they must always have the appropriate ammunition for their rifles. Hunters must above all practice firearm safety. They must always practice safety measures in or out of the hunting grounds. Here are some important tips on firearm safety:

  • Never point a firearm to anyone or anything except on your game.
  • Keep the safety latch “on” at times until you are sure of taking the shot.
  • Always put the safety back on after every shot to prevent accidental firing. A lot of hunters have been injured due to accidental firing.
  • And lastly, identify your target in sight before actually pulling the trigger. By this way, you minimize the risk of shooting other hunters that are wearing camouflaged outfits.

Remember great hunting trips not only involve excellent rifles, proper safety precautions is also one factor.

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