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Keep Track Of Your Hunting Dog

Hunters often stock up on equipment they need to increase their chances of successful hunts, but what most hunters forget is the accessories their dogs need. If you have your own hunting dog, investing in some supplies will allow your hunt to move along much easier.

Most of the supplies a dog will need are items to help his owner track him. Many people may not realize, but raccoons are a nocturnal animal, which means they sleep during the day and move around in search for food at night. While this may be the best way for the raccoon to avoid danger, it makes a raccoon hunter’s life much more difficult. A coon hunter needs a dog or two to find the coon at night because their eyesight is much more adept at hunting in the dark, but the hunter also needs to be able to see and locate his dogs to have any success. The hunter has a few items to choose from to help him keep track of his dog when coon hunting. Choosing one of them, or using a few in conjunction, will save the hunter a lot of headaches.

The first item to invest in is a collar that lights up. These collars run on a couple of small batteries and will greatly increase the hunter’s chances of keeping track of his dog at night. The second item that works great in conjunction with the collar is a reflective jacket. This is exactly what crossing guards use, except made to fit your dog, often with Velcro to secure the fit. The jacket will make your life much easier when trying to follow and locate your dog at night, your flashlight will reflect off the dog’s jacket and the hunter can always keep a trained eye on his dog.

The last option, and a slightly more expensive one, is a beeper. This is a tiny box that attaches to the dog’s collar. When the hunter loses track of his dog, he pushes the button on the remote unit he carries and the beeper on the dog starts to go off. AS long as the dog is within close range, the hunter will have no problem findng him. Using some of these items will allow the hunter to keep track of his dogs when hunting coons at night, it will save him a few headaches, and enough time that he may get a chance to run more than a few coons each night.

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