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Go Montana Bird Hunting for Upland Pheasant

If you are into upland bird hunting, one of the best places to do this is in Montana. Not only is there great opportunities in Montana, but there is also a lot of scenery to enjoy while you’re there. If you are interested in traveling for your own hunting vacation, Montana bird hunting could be right for you. Consider all these points before deciding on this locale for your hunting vacation.

Ranch PheasantAs far as Montana bird hunting goes, one of the most popular birds is the pheasant. They are plentiful in the prairies and hills that populate Montana’s landscape. Most upland birds can be found in this area, although pheasants are the most common. The best thing about them being upland birds is that you don’t need to trudge through water to do the hunting. Upland birds, like pheasants, grouse, and quail, spend much of their time on the ground in undergrowth of prairies and forests. Montana is mostly made of prairies and mountains. Much of your Montana hunting experience will be spent in the prairies.

Since a large part of Montana consists of mountains, the view on your trip will be astounding. Nothing beats the majestic peaks of the Rocky Mountains from the Montana prairies below. While hunting for birds, you will encounter a lot of great looking land. And don’t forget your bird dog! Since upland hunts are so dog friendly, it wouldn’t be hunting without him. Most motels that are in hunting towns allow bird hunting dogs to stay with you as long as they behave. Luckily, most well-trained dogs won’t have a problem with this.

Before you plan your trip, be sure to learn the hunting laws for Montana. You can learn them online or by contacting the local government there. They will usually send you an informative brochure about Montana bird hunting in the mail. If you don’t want to bring some of your cumbersome equipment such as bird decoys, there are shops near areas where you can buy or rent these types of items. You should also make sure there is an office near where you are staying where you can get the necessary hunting licenses. This is important because most state licenses only work in the state they were issued. This is because each state has different laws and regulations regarding hunting.

Keep all these points in mind when considering Montana bird hunting. You are sure to have a great trip with lots of pheasant hunting and great fresh mountain air.

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