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Turkey Hunting Help for the New Bowhunter

Bow hunting turkeys, or as a matter of fact, any game animal, is far more difficult than with the gun. Besides a good aim, in bow hunting, it is also important to have the right tension in the bow and also pull the bow good enough so that the arrow actually makes the distance intended. Many hunters will be able to tell, that bow hunting a turkey is one of the most challenging ways to hunt for turkeys. But many experienced gun hunters have the wish to bow hunt for their game. To be able to do so, a few tips might help the hunter to get on his way as a bow hunter.

One of the first skills that a bow hunter needs is actually the same as for any other hunter, patience. Patience is necessary in hunting. Hunters need patience to wait for game to come by, and patience after calling the bird. Even if half an hour or more passes from when the hunter first heard the gobblers call, the gobbler might still be on the way towards the calling. Getting up and checking might scare the bird away.

If a hunter is waiting in a spot, there are two major signs for when patience is actually essential. When a gobbler has flown in and answers his calls, coming slowly closer and when there are no barriers between the hunter and the bird. Any movement could scare the bird away.

Another good tip for bow hunters, which is also a good tip when gun hunting, is to close the gap in certain situations. Rather than waiting, when hearing a turkey gobble, have a chance to quickly advance towards the position of the turkey. While gobbling, or while walking and gobbling, turkeys pay less attention to their surroundings and a quick run for it in the covers should not be seen by the bird. Often times, it is a good idea to circle the bird to intercept his path. This might mean running away from the precious bird, but after a short amount of time, the hunter should be in range again.

If a hunter ever gets the chance to be in a field with two toms, he should try to get in the line between the two turkeys. It is very likely that one turkey will to get to the other turkey, which might have all the hens. Pick the highest spot between both birds and avoid calling in this situation. Another good tip might be to team up with a friend. While one hunter calls the turkey, the other one is somewhere opposite. It often happens that turkeys will actually walk away instead of closer and will walk right into the teammates arms. If the teammate is not able to give off a good shot, then it is the other hunter’s chance again, since the bird will be running off into the opposite direction.

By the way, instead of the head, bow hunters generally aim for vital internal organs in the turkey.

Good advice besides the actual hunting ones for new bow hunters is practice. A new bow hunter should join the local bow-hunting group for classes, or maybe even take an archery class at the local community center or college. Bow hunting is not quite as easy as gun hunting, but it can be a good challenge for anybody. It is lso a lot of fun. Consider joining a class, learning the basics, practice, practice and practice and then going out in the field. This is the way to go when learning the techniques.

Just with any other arms and hunting, a hunter should check out the local laws and regulations. Not knowing where or what and when to hunt, can get a hunter in big trouble and then all the fun is over.

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