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Ontario Hunting Dog Supplies

Ontario is a very popular place for people to hunt in. They like it because of the scenery and because of the wild game that inhabit areas there. Although there are moose, deer and bear in the United States, these animals are much larger in Ontario. If you plan on hunting in this wonderful Canadian province, then you may way to bring a hunting dog. Hunting dogs are a great way to improve your chance of bagging the big game you want to hunt. If you decide to bring a dog or dogs with you on your hunting expedition, you should also bring Ontario hunting dog supplies as well. The hunting conditions in Canada are a bit different than most hunters and their dogs are used to, especially when the hunting trip is in the winter. That’s why it’s important to get Ontario hunting dog supplies that can keep you dog warm. Most of these supplies can be found in American stores, but if you’re unsure, you can wait to pick them up in Ontario as well.

Although most dogs have a thick enough coat to handle cold weather, if they are outside in the Ontario snow for too long, they may get too cold to handle it. Be prepared for this kind of situation. Since you’ll be suiting up to stay warm, you should get a similar outfit for your dog. Most pet stores have warm coats that are fitted especially for dogs. These Ontario hunting dog supplies come in sizes that correspond to how large your dog is, from small, medium, large, and extra large dogs. Get the size that fits your dog best. It should be small enough not to move around but big enough not to restrict oxygen or blood flow. With your dog amply bundled up, it will be able to endure the harshly cold weather of a winter in Ontario.

Other Ontario hunting dog supplies you should get are more for the comfort of the dog. Be sure to keep your water from freezing so that your dog has something to drink. You’ll need to make sure to keep him hydrated. Sometimes hunters focus on their own wellbeing and forget that their dogs need things too. There are small retractable bowls that work well for these situations. You can turn it into a bowl and have the dog drink the water out of it. When it’s done, retract the bowl and put it back in your girl. These Ontario hunting dog supplies will be helpful when you go on your hunting expedition in Canada.

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