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Travel Planning and Packing Tips

Turkey hunting can be fun, but also a challenge. Every spare time a hunter has to plan the trip and to plan what is necessary for the trip is time well spent. Good planning increases the chance to have a good time on a hunting trip, as well as the possibilities to bring home a … Read more

Eastern Wild Turkey

The Prolifically Hunted Eastern Wild Turkey

Many turkey hunters hunt eastern wild turkey, the turkey that inhabits the United States in the greatest of numbers. It is widely distributed across the United States and is one of several subspecies that cover the American continent. Roughly speaking, it inhabits the eastern half of the United States. The Puritans first described the turkey … Read more

Floridas Osceola Wild Turkey

A Look at the Florida Osceola Wild Turkey

The Florida Osceola wild turkey is one of the most famous birds in the US. It’s also known by its scientific name, which is Meleagris Gallopavo Osceola. The Osceola Turkey can only be found in the peninsula of Florida. It’s similar to the eastern wild turkey in some respects, but with many important physical traits … Read more

Wild Turkey Flock

Turkey Safety Tips to Ignore at Your Peril

Turkey hunting can be one of the most addictive of all the hunting pursuits. But turkey hunting, like most big game hunting, can also be quite dangerous if you do not take the right kinds of precautions. Safety is key to make sure a safe and enjoyable wild turkey hunting expedition. Here are some important … Read more

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Choosing the Choke Tube You Need

Turkeys are notoriously hard animals to hunt. They scatter at the slightest noise, and they can move surprisingly fast. If you want to take down a turkey, you need a shot that is doesn’t spray outwards and that instead delivers a tight concentration of buckshot to the turkey’s head. To make sure your shotgun is … Read more

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Turkey Hunting Help for the New Bowhunter

Bow hunting turkeys, or as a matter of fact, any game animal, is far more difficult than with the gun. Besides a good aim, in bow hunting, it is also important to have the right tension in the bow and also pull the bow good enough so that the arrow actually makes the distance intended. … Read more

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Tips for Dressing Out your Turkey When Still in the Field

Field dressing your kills is one of those special skills that can only really be learned with ample practice and experience. However, there are many tips that you can review to get a better understanding of field dressing, even if you already have some experience with the practice. Field dressing is one of the most … Read more

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Tips for Turkey Scouting Before the Season Starts

You can be the best shot in the world and have your turkey calls down to a science, but if you don’t end up in the right place at the right time, it will all be for nothing. Rule number one of turkey hunting – or any kind of hunting, for that matter – is … Read more

Cajun Fried Wild Turkey

How to Cajun Fry your Wild Turkey Bounty

With Mardi Gras just around the corner, this is the perfect recipe for all wild turkey lovers. But perhaps you think that Cajun fried wild turkey is too complicated for your limited cooking skills, or that there is nothing much to it. However, you can make t his delicious recipe no matter what time of … Read more

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Turkey Hunting Tips for the Autumn Season

For most turkey hunters, springtime hunting is where it is. Autumn is a busy time for hunters – it is deer season, upland hunting season, waterfowl hunting season – the list goes on and on. For that reason, most hunters put off the turkey hunting until the spring, but this fact can make autumn turkey … Read more