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Grand Slam Hunting of Wild Turkeys

A hunter, or in particular a turkey hunter, will know what a grand slam is, but for those that are merely interested in the topic for those who are just starting out, here some tips on grand slams, what they are and what it means. A grand slam in turkey hunting means that the hunter … Read more

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Keeping Warm on those Chilly Turkey Hunts

Hunting season for turkeys is generally in early spring or late fall. Both seasons can be very cold and wet. This makes the proper gear to stay warm a necessity. Just checking the weather channel might not be the way to go, since weather is fairly unpredictable. Going out with too little gear to stay … Read more

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Decoy Tips for your Turkey Hunting Excursion

Turkey hunting is an old tradition in the United States. Many of the Americans love turkey in their Thanksgiving feast. The Thanksgiving feast is even better if a turkey is dished up that is actually hunted by the head of the household. To make such a wonderful sport safe and fun for everybody, there are … Read more

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Your Shotgun for Hunting Turkey

No matter how good a wild game hunter you are, you cannot expect to succeed with a low-quality shotgun. There are special sight considerations that you should take when buying your shotgun or preparing to take aim at your gobbler. How is the determined turkey hunter to improve their shots? Sight considerations for your shotgun … Read more

Pilgrims and Thanksgiving Turkey

A Brief History on Turkey in The First Thanksgiving

How did the turkey become the symbol of Thanksgiving? The turkey has long been a symbol of Thanksgiving, but how did it get to be this way? The wild turkey, scientific name Meleagris gallop ova, is a native bird to North America. The wild turkey was a staple of the North American Indian diet for … Read more

Rio Grande Wild Turkey

A Brief Bio on the Rio Grande Wild Turkey

The Rio Grande wild turkey once came very close to extinction, but thanks to several Federal programs that preserved the turkey, it is now thriving and is allowed to be hunted again. The Rio Grande turkey has certain preferences that make it an ideal bird for hunting if you live in one its habitats. As … Read more

Black Bear New Jersey

Black Bear Hunting in New Jersey and Canada

Black bear hunting is a favorite game for hunters especially on areas that swell with their numbers like New Jersey and Canada. Long considered a predator, black bears were shot sporadically as vermin, for food, and for trophies. In some areas black bears are being seen as either a vicious beast or an endless commodity. … Read more

Archery Hunting

Archery Hunting Isn’t Just Equipment and Gears

Bow hunting or usually called archery hunting is one of the regulated hunting methods in the United States. Archery hunting also has its own special season to minimize its interference with rifle hunters. The technical regulations of archery hunting are regulated by individual states and provinces in an effort to maximize the recovery of games … Read more

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The Best Alaska Hunting

The best Alaska Hunting is on the northeast covering the ANWR which houses a variety of flora and fauna, a significant number of which are considered the best game. If the Caribbean is considered the world’s vacation capital, Alaska is the world’s hunting capital. No other place can offer the most diverse game hunting than … Read more

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Stag Hunting Knives

What makes stag hunting knives so special? It’s not just the sturdy, fine craftsmanship, design, or excellent stainless steel material used for its blade, but most especially it is the handle these hunting knives are made from (whitetail, mule deer, and occasionally Elk antler). Stag has various symbolic meanings that portray some of the Stag’s … Read more