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Better than a Pea Shooter

With millions of hunters across the country, any first time hunter can get millions of mixed reviews when it comes to starting hunting. Of course a cluttered email inbox isn’t a pleasure to begin with and it’s useless to point out the obvious as to what sort of gun you can use.

Basically speaking, any center fire rifle is considered a deer gun with the proper caliber and grain.

For any experienced hunter, they favor a lever-action Winchester. Powerful and accurate enough to produce a quick, ethical kill as well as loading another round in the chamber. Since most rifles are can compromise loading time once they load a cartridge into the bore, it will take another 3 to 5 seconds before another round can be loaded if a second shot is needed. Of course ever shot counts, despite that most deer hunters will likely need to finish off the deer if it’s still fighting to survive.

There are several hunting rifles on the market, mostly made by Winchester, Remington, Ruger and Smith and Wesson that are considered as a hunter’s rifle of choice. Several models come with their own design and placement for low-powered scopes to increase accuracy.

Although certain hunting States have their own rules when it comes to what sort of caliber is needed to hunt in that State, sometimes a more universal rifle will be needed if the hunter is planning to visit some, if not all the hunting grounds. In which case, the need to study and know what sort of laws are applicable in case they need to use a different rifle for ever caliber. So instead of rummaging through papers and other links on a State-owned website, just a .308 caliber will be suited for all hunting grounds.

What to choose, what to choose. Anyone would say a handgun is sufficient enough, if the State allows it. But they have to get close enough since most handguns have a distance of about 80 yards and the power needed to kill the deer would be nothing more than a graze. Since rifles are meant for sniping, thus the increased range, it is important to know what sort of rifle will be acceptable with all the rules and regulations in varying locations. So much for the elephant gun.

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